Rapture Letter to Leave for Your Loved Ones


Dear fellow Christians, if you would like to leave a letter in your home to loved ones after you are raptured, then you are welcome to use the following letter provided below. Parts of this letter came from anonymous authors but they said that their letter could be used for the purpose of sharing with others.


Also, if you would like to provide your loved ones with 40 scriptures in which many of them teach that a certain remnant of people, whose names are written in the Book of Life, will be allowed to escape God's wrath during the "Day of the Lord" (final 7 year period) then you can find and make a copy of those scriptures here: Pre-Trib Rapture These scriptures will help build your loved one's confidence that we actually were caught up to be with the Lord. They will probably hear a lot of false information about what happened to all of the missing people so these scriptures would be very helpful to include with your letter. 


Please feel free to use the following letter to leave with your loved ones in the event that the rapture could occur in the very near future. God bless you.



Dear loved ones,


If you’re looking for me and reading this my loved ones, then the event that I have anticipated and wanted you to know about has happened. I did not die, and I am actually now more alive than I have ever been! I, along with maybe millions of people around the world have suddenly “left” you. We may have all seemingly mysteriously just disappeared, but we were actually all caught up to be with the Lord as the Bible plainly teaches about in I Thessalonians 4:15-17 and other scriptures. Don’t believe any of the very convincing lies that you will probably be hearing such as “the UFO’s got us” or other similar false messages. Do not believe any potential lies which could be taught about aliens, because so-called aliens are nothing more than demonic beings full of deception.


At the rapture, those of us who left this earth were “born again” believers in Christ and have gone up in the clouds to meet the Lord to be with Him for eternity. Not everyone who has called themselves “Christians” have been raptured (caught up with Christ in the air). Even many who are well-known or thought to be “high-ranking Christians” were not taken because they were not true believers who surrendered their whole hearts to the Lord Jesus. Perhaps they lacked true belief because they did not take the Bible very seriously and therefore lacked solid faith in Jesus and what He taught, or perhaps they were too concerned with worldly ambitions and did not love God above all else in life. Only God knows men’s hearts, but only those who were raptured were the true believers in God’s eyes.


It’s likely that multitudes of prominent church leaders who were left behind and many people who claim to be Christians will deny that the rapture happened to us, but don’t believe that lie. They may even strongly insist that this explanation cannot be the correct one because they were not taken in the rapture. This will most likely include very visible and popular figures whom many think are Christians such as the Pope. What does this tell you? It tells you that any people who called themselves Christians and yet were left behind did not fully love and obey God above all else in life and therefore were not true Christian believers in God’s eyes. They may have said that they believed in various Christian beliefs, but God knows the hearts of men and God has seen that they were not His children.


Concerning the topic of prominent church leaders, it is very important to realize that multitudes of religious leaders are simply not truly following the Lord Jesus by teaching His full message. These people are often wonderful speakers, act very religious, and appear very proper. However, despite this, they are people who do not sincerely teach, obey, or love God’s teaching in the Bible with all of their hearts and do not love more than anything to share the full truths of God with others. The Lord Jesus called these types of religious leaders “blind guides” and “false prophets” because they hide the full truth of what the Bible teaches and blind people with confusion. It is important for us to leave places that have false religious teachers since they are not sincerely working to faithfully please and serve God. These are places that refuse to share the complete truths of what the Bible actually teaches and instead chose to please men since they hide important truths that God wants people to follow and obey. Sincere teachers of God’s truths will encourage people to repent of their sins and worldly lusts and get right with God, while false teachers hide many important truths concerning what the Bible actually teaches.


Are you wondering if you will ever see your missing loved ones again? That is up to you. I know that I really hope and pray with all of my heart to see you and be with you in heaven one day.  I want you to know, love, obey, and live for God above all else! The Lord loves you so much and He is still patiently waiting for some people in this world to truly repent so that they can be with Him forever. He has even removed His Bride (born-again Christians) from the earth in one LAST attempt to get your attention!


In the following paragraphs, I will try to explain to you what you need to know. God loves you. He wants you to sincerely love Him and to shower you with blessings and joy for all eternity. But if you weren’t taken in the rapture to be with the Lord, then you have most likely either turned your back on God or have been lukewarm toward the Lord which God truly hates. People who are lukewarm toward God may act like very respectable, decent people but they basically ignore God and His teachings in many very important ways. These are people who spend a very limited amount of time seeking to truly know God. This is usually because they have been much more concerned about other things that have basically become idols to them such as sports, travels, finances, personal ambitions, and other earthly cares. You may have also thought you were a true Christian all of these years because you had been listening fairly regularly to people who call themselves “church leaders”. The problem is that many religious leaders are lukewarm toward God too since most of them don’t sincerely teach the full truths of the Bible and don’t encourage genuine obedience to it.


You have also probably been regularly looking at newspapers, magazines, TVs, computers, and cell phones, but have been lukewarm about reading the Bible. Have you been diligently reading the Bible out of a hunger to know and understand God as deeply as possible or have you just been lazy/lukewarm about truly getting to know God? Some of you may have even secretly laughed or scoffed at people who earnestly read their Bibles. However, people won’t be scoffing after they start to see the horrors of the tribulation, and many will wish that they had taken God and His teaching in the Bible much more seriously. Hopefully, you’re coming to realize that all of us who took God and His word very seriously are now safe in heaven with Jesus Christ enjoying His treasures above, while everyone who had “more important things to do” than wholeheartedly seeking God are now still stuck on earth and about to endure unspeakable tribulations. God has a reason for this, however, and the reason is that He uses these judgments/tribulations to get people’s attention so that they might repent and turn back fully to Him. But even then, unfortunately, most people will be stubborn and refuse to honestly repent.


I pray that people will start to take God and His teachings in the Bible very seriously. If they don’t wake up and take God seriously during this final time of God’s mercy to try to save them, their next destination will be eternal separation from God in the place the Bible repeatedly calls hell. I’m certain that you never hear scripture about “hell” mentioned in the lukewarm church buildings you’ve been to. That’s a shame since Jesus warns about hell very frequently in the Bible because He actually cares that we don’t go there! Jesus came to this world to SAVE us from sin that leads to hell and yet most churches do not even urgently warn about it! The Bible even clearly tells us that most religious teachers in the final days before Christ’s return will be false teachers. The Bible tells us that this is because people will want to heap up these false religious leaders since they won’t be able to tolerate hearing the truth.
II Timothy 4:3-4 says, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.” Please FLEE from these false religion places for the safety of your soul, and instead start reading, knowing, and following what the BIBLE truly teaches.


God is trying to WAKE up all people who did not get raptured and get their attention one LAST time because He LOVES them so very much! Thankfully, God is so patient with all people! Since the great majority of people have not taken God seriously most of their lives and have basically only given God “lip-service”, these will now have to awaken from their lukewarm slumber and get serious for the Lord. Jesus immensely despises lukewarm/lazy spirits toward Him. In Revelation 3:14-22 we read about the characteristics of the lukewarm church. In verse 16 the Lord Jesus states, “So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.” Those are VERY strong words which show that Jesus wants NOTHING to do with those who are not fully committed to serving Him wholeheartedly. But there is still hope since Jesus then says in verses 19-20, “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent. Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.”


These verses clearly show that the Lord Jesus is VERY serious about what He expects from people, but He is also very patient and loving by still providing an avenue of hope to those who have been neglecting Him. Jesus has already graciously provided salvation and shown His deep love for us by shedding His blood for all people in order to wash away our sins, but we must show our faith by honestly loving Jesus in return. A person who has true faith is a person who will admit that they are completely wretched and miserable and need a Savior. They will admit that they are lost, blind, and nothing without God and need Him to come in to completely take over their lives. They want to leave behind their “old man” who wanted to live the way that they chose such as living to walk in sin and loving the things of this world to now walking as a “new man” who wants to honestly serve the Lord above all!


This is what it means to be born again! Everything in your life becomes brand NEW because you are no longer doing what YOU want to do, but doing what the LORD wants you to do! If you listen to the Holy Spirit by making this new life-changing commitment, nothing in your life will be the same again! When you truly “open the door” for Jesus to come into your life, Jesus then baptizes you as a true believer with the Holy Spirit and He comes to live in your life!


If you’re ready to end your lukewarm ways toward God and if you now honestly want to be a true believing follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, then you need to make a very serious commitment to Him. The Lord wants us to listen to the Holy Spirit's call on our hearts to get right with God. He wants us to come directly to God as we call on the Lord by repenting of not putting Him as our first and greatest love and by repenting of our sins. We need to ask Him to please forgive us and come into our lives and lead us in all of our ways.


From this time onward we will be new born-again believers in Christ. We will have new priorities, ambitions, and goals that will all center around putting God first in our lives.


Here are some of the ways that the Bible teaches that people become new creations in the Lord:


1. Because of our true love for God and because of the mercy and forgiveness He has showered on us, we will no longer desire to hurt the Lord by continuing in sinful activities. God can see everything you do in secret and nothing is hidden from him. True believers are no longer in darkness but walk in the light. So one evidence of genuine faith in God and being a new creation is that we will turn away from all forms of sin/darkness and walk in the light of God’s commands. (see: 1 John 1:6-7, 1 John 2:3-6, 1 John 2:9-11, 1 John 2:29-29, 1 John 3:4-10, 1 John 3:24, 1 John 5:2-4, 1 John 5:18-21 – Note: if you need assurance that you are a true Christian, then the book of 1 John will give you the answers concerning this.) True Christians show their love and faith toward God by removing or destroying anything that they know is dark/sinful. For example, they will get rid of any sinful items such as lewd clothes, magic related books/movies/materials, and also any music/books/magazines/movies with sinful themes etc. They will no longer play evil types of video games or engage in vile language or crude jokes. They will turn from all forms of sin to include drunkenness, being unforgiving, sexual immoralities to include sex outside of marriage or sexual perversions associated with homosexuality. If they stumble in a sin they will heed the Holy Spirit’s conviction to confess their sin so they can continue to walk in the Light (1 John 1:8-10).


2. Because of God’s mercy and love toward us, everything in this world that we once lusted after will seem so trivial and shallow now. We will no longer be excited about the cares of this world but will have a new excitement and drive to serve the Lord Jesus Christ instead. The things of this world will no longer have a great appeal to us once we are born-again creations in Christ. We will no longer have a yearning to be recognized, honored, or praised by this world. Instead, we will long to put this world behind us and live to honor and glorify the Lord as we give our whole lives to Him. This is another evidence of having a genuine faith in God and being a new creation. (see: 1 John 2:15-17, 1 John 4:5-6) True Christians are no longer obsessed by activities such as living to make loads of money, gaining lots of worldly treasures, being recognized by society, and spending endless amounts of time engaged in worldly activities such as video games, sports obsessions, contests, endless past-times or pleasures etc. When a person becomes more interested in something of this world MORE than God then that interest has become an ‘idol’ to him or her – this can include things like fixing up our house, hobbies, travels, collections or anything imaginable. The Bible constantly warns us to beware of these idols since it is an easy trap to get into.


3.  Because true Christians no longer have an interest in pursuing worldly honors or ambitions now that the Lord had come to live in their lives, their new drive and passion will be on seeking ways to serve the Lord Jesus with all of their hearts. This is another evidence that a person has become a new creation in Christ since these are people who are no longer lukewarm toward God but instead seek to use their lives to serve the Lord in any way possible! True Christians now will desire to have a personal relationship with the Lord so they are the ones who not only pray often but they also want to read and study their Bibles regularly because they want to know their God as intimately as possible. They also spend any time possible laboring for the Lord. They do this by sharing the Gospel and contending for the faith through ways such as written, typed or vocal messages, making videos, using social media to share this message of hope, working on websites or blog sites in order to share God’s truths, and various other forms of evangelism. 


4.  There will be many more wonderful changes that occur for those who become new creations in Christ. One of these changes is that children of God will have a deep yearning to find other like-minded Christians to fellowship with. Another change is that true Christians will want to help lead their families to a saving faith so that they might live fully for Him.  Our true love for the Lord will cause us to want to give Bibles, food, clothes and other essentials to those who are in need. The blessings of making a full commitment to God are endless and it is the only kind of life that has any true meaning. Every other avenue of life is empty and leaves us feeling a deep void inside. Every other avenue leads to a hopeless end and only trouble awaits those who are lukewarm toward the Lord if they do not heed His calling.


For those who want to sincerely start living for the Lord and know the hope of salvation:


You too can listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice which you know is calling you at this very moment to get right with the Lord from this day forward. God can forgive ANY sin that you have ever done and He WANTS to forgive you! The Bible teaches that there is only one unforgivable sin and that sin is when a person blasphemes the Holy Spirit. To blaspheme the Holy Spirit means that we refuse to obey the leading of the Spirit when He is calling us to get right with the Lord by putting Him first above everything else and calling us to turn from any sin which separates us from God. When we blaspheme the Holy Spirit we are basically telling the Lord that we don’t want to live by God’s ways but that we want to live in the ways that we choose instead. People who blaspheme the Holy Spirit will not sincerely take the time to learn the truths of the Bible and obey His word with all of their hearts. They will not turn away from their worldly habits that please their flesh such as loving music with sinful lyrics or spending endless hours on various idols such as watching sports and worldly pleasures. They will not turn away from sinful lusts but continue to dishonor God by continuing in them. People who blaspheme the Holy Spirit may have some outward forms of religion such as going to Sunday services, but their hearts are far from God as they pursue their own interests without honestly living for the Lord. These are people who will not listen to the Spirit’s calling and therefore because they refuse to listen to God, He is not able to pour out His merciful forgiveness toward them and make them new men and women of God.


Those who are wise and who want to be with the Lord forevermore will not blaspheme the Holy Spirit but will turn fully to God. Now the question is: Are you, as small as you are, going to try to fight Almighty God? Or will you welcome Him as Lord of your life? I’ll tell you, He is going to be Lord over you ultimately, with or without your consent. You can either be a conquered enemy, or you can make your wisest decision by committing your life to Jesus Christ. Here is what the Lord wants you to do:

  • You need to humbly call upon the Lord and cry out to Him in your soul for forgiveness. Here is a prayer that you could sincerely pray to the Lord, “Dear Heavenly Father, I admit that I have rebelled against You. I have turned my back on You, ignored Your commands, and Your word. There’s no denying that I have done wrong in my life. Thank you for still being willing to take me as one of Your own. I yield myself to You. I ask that You please come live in me and help me be the person You want me to be. Amen.”  If you have sincerely prayed this prayer, you can have confidence that you will one day soon go home to be with the Lord, be reunited with your missing loved ones, and spend eternity in paradise! The Lord will mercifully forgive you of all of your past sins such as hatefulness toward others, murders, abortions, sexual immoralities, thefts, or any other abominations that have been standing between you and the Lord.


  • You need to now turn from and get rid of the worldly garbage and evil that has been cluttering your life just like all of the born-again people from the Bible did. In the book of Acts, we read that all of those who truly came to Christ as their Savior and Lord burned up all of their magic books as a sign that they were truly committed to following the Lord (see Acts 19:18-19). If you have any “Harry Potter” books/movies that promote magic, then destroy them and anything else that promotes magic. Don’t even teach your children that Santa Claus is some “magical man” who sees everything and travels in a magical sleigh – This messes with children’s minds and confuses them about who is truly divine and wonderful – Santa or Jesus? Just tell your children that Santa was a nice old man from long ago who gave money to people in need and that we should be giving too. We all need to repent of things like this and turn from all forms of magic. If you’ve stolen unfairly from others, then be like Zacchaeus in the Bible and return what you stole (Luke 19:1-10). Get rid of any and everything in your life that is shameful and/or evil in nature which will show your commitment to God now. Get rid of all evil and sensual music such as AC/DC (and other vile rock), Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, and any other filthy, or lewd music. Listen to inspiring Christian music instead. Get rid of any clothes, books, magazines, movies, videos games etc. that you know the holy God and creator would want you to dispose of. We can’t watch horror movies full of demonic scenes and think that we are true Christians! We can’t watch movies that promote lustful sex scenes and lewdness and think we are honestly Christians! Please make a decision if you want to continue following the devil by keeping this filth in your life or if you want to start following God by getting rid of this filth from your life. God won’t be mocked.


  • From this day forward start walking in the Spirit and obeying the Spirit’s leading. Also, read and obey the Bible and pray daily. You can know if you’re following the Holy Spirit because He will always lead you to walk in holiness and purity. He will also convict you when you are tempted to sin and will not lead you into temptation. If you do stumble in a sin, the Holy Spirit will convict you to confess it right away so that you won’t continue to go astray. The Holy Spirit will teach, guide, comfort, and inspire you in many wonderful ways and will always point you to Jesus and to the truth. Also pray daily and constantly – you can share all of your burdens and cares, your praise and thanksgiving, your confessions and concerns, and God will hear them all! Read and learn your Bible with a passion too! Don’t trust in false religious leaders who often twist the scriptures and don’t even share about countless scripture, so instead, you need to read it for yourself. The Bereans from the book of Acts always checked to make sure that Christian teachers they listened to were honestly teaching the truth by checking what they heard against what the Bible actually taught (Acts 17:10-11).




Finally … Life is a “Race” and we’re speeding to the Finish Line – who is going to win?


If any of you want to think of these things more on “every-day terms” then let’s look at our lives as being in a race car and we’re getting very close to the finish line. Let’s think about the ones who are going to be the “winners” and who are going to be the “losers” in this race…


1.  Who’s going to be the DRIVER of your race car? – Are you going to take control of the wheel and sit in the driver’s seat? If you’re going to pridefully think you’re ‘smart’ enough, ‘independent’ enough, and ‘strong’ enough to get through this race on your own then you’re going to crash and burn. You need to slide over into the passenger’s seat and let the Lord Jesus take the wheel to drive instead. Only when He is in the driver’s seat and in control of your race are you going to be on the winning team and make it across the finish line in victory. I made it successfully across the finish line not because of trusting in myself, but because of having faith in Jesus to get me through this nasty rat race and lead me on to victory! You can know this victory too!


2.  Which roadmap or INSTRUCTION GUIDE will you follow to finish your race? – Are you going to continue to follow the world’s instruction guides such as college textbooks, books from “experts”, and those who often think they have most of the answers such as many scientists, professors, psychiatrists, lawyers, world leaders and the like? The Lord harshly rebuked most of the “experts” and religious leaders during His days on earth and I’m sure He would do the same during this modern day. All of the proud “experts” in Jesus’ day crashed and burned. Many modern-day “experts” and false religious leaders will too if they don’t start humbling themselves and turning to the teachings of God for their instructions instead. The Lord has a special, one-of-a-kind Holy Book that was written under His direct guidance/inspiration called the Bible. No other book even comes close! It is the one book to read, know, and follow to get successfully through this race. It is the ONE book with instructions about how to make it across the finish line to victory! I made it successfully across the finish line using this book as my guide while paying very little attention to the rest of the so-called “guide-books” from “experts” and you can too!


3.  Which road are you going to race on – THE WIDE ROAD OR THE NARROW ROAD – to make it to the end of your race? – My loved ones, I’m going to tell you that if you stay on the wide road that the vast majority of people choose, you’re going to crash and burn just like all of those who stay racing on the wide road to destruction/hell. Do you want to continue to admire celebrities and follow in their trends such as AC/DC and other famous rock stars, lewd singers like Beyonce and Miley Cyrus, famous actors like Johnny Depp? Elvis? James Dean? Many of these people have been deep into alcohol/drugs, love worldly fame and fortune over God, and many promote rebellion or dark sinful lusts. Many of these people either crashed and burned or are headed fast on that track. Don’t look up to and admire these famous people but do pray that through a miracle they might wake up and get right with God. Instead look up to and admire the heroes of the Bible who all finished their races in victory as they looked to the Lord for courage and power! They all came through victoriously! I made it successfully across the finish line by staying on the straight and narrow road and you can too!



Please fulfill a final request for me by kindly having much of this letter printed in the “Letters to the Editor” area of the newspaper so others may have more understanding about what God is doing. I love you all so deeply and I hope this information helps you. I pray to be with you again.


Fight the good fight of faith to the end as soldiers for Christ! (Ephesians 6:10-20)


(Sign your name)





Instructions and Guidance for my Loved Ones to get through this Tribulation Period


(I found this message on the computer. I do not know who the author is but I want to share it with you since I agree with the content and think it is important for you to know. I have made several ‘tweeks’ to the message and added a whole lot too.)


What’s next my loved ones? Trouble, big trouble. I will give you some main highlights now that you desperately need to know to face the next few years. Christ is coming again, this time to be recognized by Israel as her Messiah and then the Lord will take control of the world government for 1,000 years here on earth. This will happen at the end of a seven-year period known as the Tribulation. The last three and a half years are even called the Great Tribulation because such awful things are going to happen then.


This final seven year period (before the Lord returns) starts with a peace treaty that assures Israel’s safety and allows her to resume sacrifices on the temple mount in Jerusalem. When you hear this treaty announced you can mark your calendar and know that Christ WILL be returning to earth seven years later. This is a prophecy in the Bible which gives a very specific time period. This peace treaty will also allow for the building of the third Temple for the Jewish people on the temple mount.


The remarkable, charismatic, dynamic, compelling, nearly irresistible person who brokers this peace treaty will be the Anti-Christ. Three and a half years into this treaty, he will break the deal himself and force the world to worship him as God. He will command the Jewish people to no longer make sacrifices on the Temple Mount and he will enter the newly built Temple in Israel and proclaim himself to be God. The Bible refers to this abominable act as “the abomination of desolation” (Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15-22). Much of the world will believe his lies and think he is the Messiah since he will have demonic miraculous powers that come from Satan. He will try to force all people to show their allegiance to him by receiving a mark which will undoubtedly be some kind of electronic implant in the skin or tattoo. This mark will also control all your financial transactions.


The world will become pretty much a cashless society at this point. So you will need this mark in order to have earnings deposited to you or to buy the necessities of life. Whatever happens, DO NOT TAKE this mark upon your body! They may promise you that this mark will give you super-human capabilities, extreme intelligence, and allow you to live for hundreds of years, but they won’t tell you that this mark will damn you to hell eternally as the Bible tells us in the book of Revelation!


Any people who do take the mark can never undo the deed. It will change your DNA so that you will no longer be fully human and therefore you cannot ever be a true child of God if you take it. These people will be separated from God for all eternity for this act. Unfortunately, the Anti-Christ’s policy will be that all who do not receive the mark will be beheaded as we read about in Revelation 20:4. So most new Christians will become martyrs. Do not believe their lies even if most of the churches, celebrities, and other famous people endorse this mark. All of these people who take the mark will be able to buy and sell for a few years perhaps, but God will eventually cause them to break out in terrible skin sores (Revelation 16:2) and then after that they will be spending an eternity in hell because they chose to follow Satan’s Anti-Christ/lawless one.


Remember, if you choose to be beheaded or die in some other way because of your stand for Jesus Christ and refusal to take this mark, then you will go to heaven instantly when you die and be reunited with your loved ones and with the Lord! You will know peace, joy, and eternal riches forevermore! REJOICE if you can be a martyr for our Lord! He died for you, and you can die a noble death as you stand up proudly to honor Him too! Remember, the road is narrow that leads to heaven and only a FEW will follow Jesus there, but the road is wide that leads to eternal destruction and MANY will be deceived to take this path since they will refuse the love of the truth to be saved. (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12)


The first months after the rapture disappearances will be a time of increasing lawlessness. God will begin to demonstrate His judgment and wrath on this sin-filled unbelieving world by allowing disasters to be rained down upon this wicked society that humans have created:

- We’ve allowed the death of babies through abortions and most churches do not even preach against it.

- We’ve allowed gay and lesbian perversions to permeate our society and most churches do not even preach against this. Many churches even think this is very acceptable despite the Bible’s strong warnings against it.  

- As parents, we have not taught our children that the Bible teaches for people to stay sexually pure and abstain from sexual relations until the time of marriage. Most churches do not even preach about this matter either. Also, very few parents strive diligently to help lead their children in the true love and holy fear/reverence of the Lord. Most parents do not teach their children what the Bible truly says and then they take their children to countless lukewarm churches where the full truths of God are not even taught overall. Most parents instead are too busy making lots of money or engaged in endless hours of pleasures (such as watching sports) because that is what’s ‘popular’ instead of working tirelessly to lead their children in the ways of God. They allow their children to watch all sorts of filth on TV etc. and allow them to live as they wish. Most parents are literally more concerned about money and popularity than they are about the eternal souls of their children! Parents need to repent of the ways that they are raising their children and start raising their children in the wise ways taught about in the Bible.

- We’ve allowed pornography, filthy Hollywood movies, and wicked lewd music to fill our lives and yet churches are afraid to teach that this is so unholy and vile in the sight of our Almighty, holy God. 

- We watch demonic horror movies full of vampires, demons, witches, and murderous fiends and we do not even shudder at the thought of the demonic evil we are watching. Again, churches in their lukewarm, man-pleasing deadness do not say anything normally to rebuke this wickedness.


The above list was just a very short list showing what a wicked and perverse society we have become that deserves the wrath and judgment of God which will be poured out against it. Billions of people will die during this time. The Bible teaches that those who have hated these sinful atrocities and have warned others to repent of all forms of evil will be spared from having to endure these horrible days of wrath. However, those who have enjoyed these evil pleasures and/or were lukewarm about standing against them (such as most churches and those who supported these church’s lukewarm spirits) will be left behind during these days of Tribulation. God in His mercy is still giving them all a chance to wake up, repent and return to Jesus Christ as their first love.


There will also be two witnesses that God will send to Israel to preach during the final seven years before Christ returns. For three and a half years they will warn the world to turn to God. There will also be 144,000 Jewish men to be Christ’s evangelists around the world. This will, of course, infuriate the Anti-Christ and his followers. However, these two prophets will be invincible. After three and a half years of preaching, God will allow the two holy prophets to be killed. The world who refuses to listen to their wise words will celebrate their deaths, and leave their bodies lying in the streets for the world to watch. Then terror will strike the world when after three and a half days these prophets come back from the dead and get up to their feet. The whole world will witness this on their TVs or other screens. With everyone watching, God will call the two up and they will rise into the heavens.


During this time you must beware strongly of the new one-world religion that will form. It will sound lofty and idealistic and oh so open-minded and non-judgmental. Those who do not know what the Bible truly teaches and have no desire to understand the teachings of the Bible will be deceived by this false religion. It will be promoted by a man that the book of Revelation calls the “False Prophet” and this man will most likely be the Pope who “looks like a lamb but speaks lies like a dragon.” The one world religion leaders may even pronounce that the vanishing of all those “extremist Christians” was actually a good thing. They may something like “With the ‘extremist hate-minded Christians’ gone, those left behind can now evolve into a higher dimension.” Know that this is just ANOTHER one of the devil’s endless lies. This false one-world religion will most likely be approved by many mainstream religious leaders and their lukewarm churches.


So remember that the “abomination of desolation” (that I shared about earlier) will occur at the midway point of the final 7 years. Therefore this “abomination of desolation” means that in 3 and a half years after it, the battle of Armageddon will occur against the nation of Israel. Soon after this, Jesus Christ will return to save Israel at the battle of Armageddon and all the armies of saints who were raptured or who died during the Tribulation period will return with the Lord in victory! (Revelation 19:11-21) Also during this final 3 and a half years “Babylon the Great” (the United States of America who spread her perversions worldwide) will be utterly destroyed (Revelation chapters 18 and 19). The Anti-Christ and False Prophet (Catholic Pope) will be cast alive into the lake of fire around this time as well (Revelation 19:20). Praise God!


How do I know these things will happen? You can understand it better if you start to seriously read the Bible especially the book of Revelation.


Whatever you do, do NOT accept the mark of the beast in your right hand or forehead because that seals you to Satan for all eternity and once you’ve made that choice it cannot be undone. I know that it will seem impossible to survive without taking the mark, but the Bible clearly describes people who become believers and are saved following the rapture during these end days. Scripture says many are killed, even beheaded, as martyrs for Christ. However, some of these new believers actually will survive until Jesus comes back at the final battle of Armageddon because they are the people who will populate the earth in Jesus’ millennial (one thousand) year kingdom. Therefore, even if it doesn’t look possible to get through this, you should pray to God for guidance as He will be the source of answers and provisions for those believers who actually live through this period of time. Remember, God can provide supernatural protection, provision, and comfort so draw close to Him in everything you do. Our Lord provided manna from heaven and water from a rock when the Israelites wandered through the wilderness for 40 years and because He doesn’t change, He is just as able to perform mighty miracles for His followers during these current frightening times as He was in days of old.


My Last Words of Help, Love, and Hope for You…


Most assuredly the Great Tribulation and Wrath of God being poured out will be a horrific time for you, my loved ones and I am saddened about the suffering you will endure but hopeful my prayers are answered concerning your eventual salvation.


It is possible to be a professing Christian and not actually be in the faith. Paul said, “Examine yourselves, seeing whether you are in the faith” (2 Corinthians 13:5). Jesus said, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 7:21-23).


If you are reading this after the rapture has occurred, it’s because you were not ready. Jesus said in Matthew 25:10 that “those who were ready went in … And the door was shut.”


Remember that simply believing that Jesus is who He says He is does not save you. Satan and the demons believe in Jesus but are not saved. In order for you to be saved, you must turn to Jesus who paid for your sins on the cross. You need to have a personal relationship with Him by surrendering your heart and life to Him and repenting of your sins. Don’t wait another minute to do this because you may not have another chance to make that decision.


When you make this decision, the Holy Spirit will come to live inside you, to be your comforter, guide, and teacher. Even in difficulty, you are promised peace that passes understanding. I can attest that I have experienced that even though I knew that trials were coming in these last days. I’ve known that no matter what, God is in control and His plans are perfect.


After you make this decision remember to pray to God often for guidance as He will never leave you. And because you are now living in the times described in the book of Revelation, you should study this book of the Bible. This short instruction guide has hopefully helped you to understand many of the main points concerning what will happen during these final seven years before the Lord returns to the earth.


The following is a little more counsel to help survive this terrible time if you missed God’s first roundup, the rapture:


1. Do not believe the explanation given by the secular media. – Christians have not been beamed to some interplanetary spaceship to be reprogrammed. We have not been taken by aliens or to any other place. We had been faithfully and hopefully watching for the blessed hope of the Lord’s coming to rapture us as well as warning people about the signs of His return so they might get ready. We were patiently EXPECTING for this day to come and the Lord in His love and mercy has answered our prayers! We have left the earth on a cloud of glory, as the Bible teaches, to be with the Lord forever. We are also prayerfully longing to be with our loved ones again who are still on the earth.


2. Get rid of your cell phones – If you do not agree with the government of the final 7 years and the charming world leader, you will be hunted. Your cell phone can be tracked. It would probably be wise to throw it in a river or lake far from where you are going to be.


3.  Do not kill yourself – Whenever there is social disorder and confusion, people tend to think suicide is the only way out. It’s not. You may feel hopeless but there is still great hope. The Holy Spirit will still be working during the final 7 years. Pray and ask Him to guide you, give you strength and dwell in you.


4.  Repent immediately and make your peace with God – Times will get horrible and you will never know when you could soon die with all of the coming disasters. Now is the time to repent. Jesus Christ is the ONLY Savior and the ONLY way to heaven (John 14:6).


5.  Make sure that you read the Bible as often as you can – God’s Word and promises will still work after the rapture because Jesus said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away” (Matthew 24:35). Keep your Bible in a safe place because when the Antichrist’s government takes over, he will eventually try to destroy all of the Bibles. Especially read the New Testament. There are also wonderful stories in the Old Testament.  These stories tell us repeatedly that God tries to warn people that if they continue in sin without repenting, that His wrath will be poured out upon a sinful world. These stories tell us that God removes the righteous who are walking with Him before He pours out His wrath on a sinful world. These stories also give a message of hope which is that if people DO repent and turn fully to God that He will have mercy on them and forgive them!


6.  Pray for God to help you know what to do and to give you and your family strength – It’s going to be difficult to survive, but God will still hear you, and He’ll still help you. It won’t be easy. You’re going to need His strength as you’ve never needed it before.


7.  Don’t go to church – That’s right, don’t go to church or join the world conglomerate religion because it will be under the control of the false prophet (Revelation chapter 13) who will most likely be the Pope. All true, godly pastors have left the earth in the rapture. Do not believe the lies of the religious leaders who are left behind. Even if you see miracles and apparent wonders, do not believe them. The Bible tells us that they are lying wonders and not to believe them (Please read these verses about the lying miracles to occur: Matthew 24:24, Mark 13:22, Luke 21:2, 2 Thessalonians 2:9). Deception will be the order of the day. Delusion will be everywhere, especially in “churches”. If possible try to find others who may have come to Christ after the rapture. You will be able to find ways to support and encourage one another.


8.  Get a small, self-powered radio – If you can’t get the kind you crank by hand, get a battery operated radio and a good supply of batteries because you’re going to need to listen. Don’t believe the propaganda, but believe when they tell you about certain events relating to wars and geophysical calamities.


9.  Keep praying for your loved ones who are unbelievers – God will still answer prayers during the Tribulation. Your prayers may be the key to seeing your loved ones again after this period of supreme agony is over.


10.  Leave copies of these instructions and letters for as many people as you can- Perhaps this will help other survive and come to Christ. It could maybe get published in the newspaper such as in the “Letters to the Editor” section.



In closing, have hope…True believers were taken out to spare them this time (Revelation 3:10), but it’s still not too late for people to become saved. If you do become saved, you can rest in the assurance that even if you do not physically survive to see Christ come again, you will go to heaven at your death to wait with us and we will all return with the Lord Jesus Christ at His glorious victorious appearance!


Finally, feel free to eat the food, wear any clothes, and use any of the personal possessions as you see fit since I will not need these any longer. I believe that God will shelter and help provide for those who are saved during the Tribulation. Please read from any of the Bibles that you find too. God wants us to treasure and store up His wonderful words of love, hope, and comfort in our hearts more than anything. Many of His words are very serious and stern but they are only there for our own good and to help lead us to Him. 


I love you and desperately pray that you will make the most important decision so that one day I will see you again in God’s kingdom.


God be with you and have great mercy on you,


(Sign your name)