Are you CONFUSED about what is taught in the great majority of church buildings? Are you hungering for TRUTH? Don't give up HOPE!


I have walked in your footsteps and experienced the confusion and frustration that comes from trying to find a church that truly makes sense according to the Bible.  Time after time I've had to leave a great number of churches because I knew that their teachings there were far from lining up with the truths found in the Bible. Today we have so many churches that openly accept the practice of homosexuality as well as other blatant sins, and the vast majority of the Bible is never taught or preached about.  

This is a serious crisis to see the lukewarm deadness in the great majority of congregations, and it is really no surprise to see that the world is "reaping what it has sown."  Since the world is not sowing to bring honor to God and share His truths to obey and esteem our mighty God but instead is promoting so many forms of evil, the world has been reaping problems galore that we have brought upon ourselves.  Right now we are on the edge of World War III, the financial system is beyond repair, terroristic threats abound, and natural disasters continue to rise to name just a few.

But do not fear for the Lord has revealed that these exceptionally evil days would come and that those who hunger and thirst to hear the truth would feel like they are living in a dry wilderness since they thirst so much to hear some truth!  The Bible faithfully conveys that these perilous times would come and that men would love pleasures and selfish ambitions more than loving and seeking God.  We also read in God's Word that men would heap up false religious leaders to tickle their ears with lies and to make them feel safe to continue in unrepentant sin as we read in 2 Timothy 4:3.  These multitudes wish to continue to dishonor God and believe in lies as we read about in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.  These scripture verses tell us that since they have blatantly refused the love of the truth in order to be saved, that God has sent them strong delusion to believe their lies.  The scripture passage continues to say that these men and women will be damned for not believing the truth since they instead chose to take pleasure in unrighteousness.

There is hope to believe in despite the horrible conditions of this world...

We can understand that since the world has chosen to deliberately believe in lies, dishonor God through the promotion of wickedness, and refuse to sincerely repent of such deeds, that it comes as no big surprise that the world is now experiencing the fruits of all of its evils. The comfort though is that the Lord has faithfully foretold that these days would come and the final result would be that nations would rise up against nations in the worst types of wars and that other great tribulations would occur. The Lord comforted us by saying that when we see this time approaching to have great hope for the Lord's return to earth is very near! He promised that He would be returning in great power, glory, and honor, to destroy the world's wicked system and to begin His rule over the earth with His saints for 1,000 years! The King of kings and the Lord of lords is returning soon!


Since you are still reading this message, it is my hope that you too can relate to the confusion, rebelliousness, and meaninglessness that this world seems to thrive on. It is my hope that if you have not already found hope, truth, and joyous peace in a true abiding relationship with Jesus Christ, that you are at least sincerely seeking and thirsting for such a wonderful place of refuge and that you are realizing that the only place to find this is through coming fully to Him. 

God's Salvation is available to all who turn from lies and walk in God's truths!

We are living in the final days of human history and the Lord in His mercy is still giving us a chance to get right with Him and to have the esteemed privilege to be His child forever! Even though the large percent of the world's population seems to have no serious problem with being deceived by false religious leaders who refuse to teach the full truths of the Bible, the Lord is still mercifully and compassionately reaching out to the few who are tired of all of the lies and hypocrisy. The Lord is still lovingly reaching out to those who are thirsting for truth, answers, and peace in this confusing, dark and dying world.


The Lord cares about us so deeply and that is why Jesus and His disciples tirelessly warned people to be aware of the heaps of false religious teachers since they hide many biblical truths and instead promote smooth sounding deceptions just as the serpent did with Eve. These teachers gain many followers when they teach their false ear-tickling doctrines, and the dire problem is that they are leading countless multitudes into deception and causing them to blindly follow the wide road to permanent destruction/hell. The Good News is that the Lord does not want anyone to perish but He desires that all become saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.  (1 Tim. 2:4, 2 Pet. 3:9)


If you sincerely want to know the truth of the Gospel and be led away from all of the sugar coated lies taught in the majority of religious congregations, then please read the following messages and watch the powerful salvation video teachings on this page and site. Its teachings can help lead you to the narrow path of truth as a sincere follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and to know the full assurance of your eternal destination with Him forever! If you already are a sincere follower of the Lord but you desire for your friends and loved ones to come to the knowledge of God's truths about salvation, then please share this page with them through Facebook or other ways. Remember that we are obligated and commanded to share the true Gospel throughout the world and this is a wonderful opportunity for us to do so! I pray that the Truth of the Lord will set you free from so many lies being taught in our day and that you will know perfect peace and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ!

The following is a very simple and clear message about how to get right with the Lord and know the peace that passes all understanding. Please pass on this simple message to those you know and care about!

I hope that the following three beautiful and heart touching videos inspire you concerning God's loving plan of salvation. Please pass them on to others who need to know the truth that can set them free!

The Gospel - The Way to Get Right with God

"I stand before God's Judgment here at last,
I only wish that I could change my past...
On earth, I lived the way I pleased,
I didn't think that God would see...
The world was lying, sinning, getting drunk and being lewd,
I wanted to get in on the action too...
To me, life was about "getting ahead" and having fun,
I had money to make and places to run...
My life was consumed by football and other games,
I had no desire to learn God's ways...
And although I went in religious buildings from week to week,
It was just a dead ritual that made no change in me...
And although I had a Bible in my room,
I had more "important things" to do than to seek God's truths...
The Lord patiently and lovingly reached out to me,
But I always chose to ignore Him and rebel...
I'd ignored God in my life and chosen the wide road to hell..."

Don't let this be the regretted story of your life ---
He's still reaching out to you, and there is still hope for salvation through Jesus Christ

The Hope of the Gospel

The simple pure Gospel of peace and hope

Do not lose heart if people refuse to hear the truth of the Gospel!

At times it can seem like nobody wants to hear the truth of the Gospel and they won't take it seriously.  I can't understand why people would be more excited about "gaining the whole world while losing their souls" but it's simply the easy wide path that most people choose to take.  We live in the "lukewarm" era as taught about in the book of Revelation and people would much rather be absorbed in pleasures galore like playing video games, watching sports, wasting time on their cell phones and laptops etc instead of getting serious about understanding what the Bible teaches.  It's much easier for most people to just go to a religious building occasionally and pretend that all is fine with their souls while they still continue in lives that are overall neglectful of God and what He truly desires from us.

But don't lose heart about this! We are commanded by God to share the Gospel into all of the world and this is the greatest mission and most honorary job that there is!  We may feel like we are just wasting our time but we are definitely not. God will one day unveil how we spent our time and our lives and how we dedicated so very much of our lives in reaching out to an unsaved world in need of the truth.  God will richly reward His servants who served Him in the ways that He commanded of them.  Nothing we do for God is in vain and we will one day more fully understand this.  Continue to be His faithful servant and fight the good fight of faith!

We may never understand why people neglect the truth and put their souls in jeopardy, but all we can do is try and then leave the rest with God...

Finally, let us remember not to get caught up in this lukewarm day of lukewarm false gospel messages. These are powerless gospels which flood the world and cause no true change in a person's heart, mind, or life. Always remember that the true Gospel is not a powerless gospel, but truly brings conviction to the hearts of men. Some will despise you/"hate" you for having the "audacity" to teach such things, but others will be made born-again and become new creations in the Lord Jesus Christ who live for Him!!

Lastly let us remember to GROW strong in the Lord by becoming a strong soldier for God as we read about in Ephesians 6:10-16. If we do what is taught here we will remain safely on the narrow road with the Lord Jesus and He will guide us home safely to our heavenly home forever with Him!

For a full written Gospel message please see the page on this website titled "The True Gospel". (see link below) Please pass it on to your friends and loved ones so that they can know the truth about the Gospel and be prepared! Thanks and God bless you!

Full written Gospel message found here:  The TRUE Gospel

You may also be greatly blessed by an excellent article entitled "The True Gospel of Christ vs. The False Gospel of Carnal Christianity" by L.R. Shelton, Jr.  It is very thorough and well written and I believe that it will bring even further light into God's truths on this subject.  

Here is a link to this article:


Article and videos by F. A. Butler

Keep standing on God's truths and fighting the good fight of faith!

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