Homeschooling: People have different convictions about this and we should respect them


(Author's note: During this turbulent day when the transgender issue is being pushed on all people against their will and it is even desired by many in the government that transgender males use female showers and locker rooms, I now strongly believe that it is by far more wise to homeschool your child if it is at all possible. These are perilous and unique days when evil is growing worse and worse and we need to protect our children more than ever. I pray that the Lord provides you with the means to provide homeschooling for your children. Let us encourage others to homeschool as well but we should not pressure them too much since we do not know their individual circumstances and situations.)


It is important to not let other parents pressure you about whether to homeschool your children or not. This is a personal decision between you, God, and the rest of your family. With God's help, each Christian family needs to search the Bible, seek God in prayer, and consider all of the pros and cons concerning this matter as they follow their own personal convictions.  

I believe that all Christian parents homeschool their children.


I believe that all Christian parents homeschool their children. I believe that all true Bible obeying and sincere God loving Christian parents homeschool their children diligently, lovingly, prayerfully, and fervently. 

I believe that all true born again Christian parents work hard to homeschool or teach their children at home such Christian values as:

1.  to dress respectfully

2.  to not listen to or view any filthy type music, programs, or games

3.  to not curse

4.  to not return evil for evil

5.  to respect people and seek to always treat others as they would wish to be treated

6.  to behave kindly and purely

7.  to know right from wrong as the Lord teaches about in all areas of scripture

8.  to be fair and just

9.  to love God above all

10. to be polite and helpful toward others  

11. to not follow the crowd that wants to get into trouble and does things like going to wild parties, getting drunk, being lewd etc, but to instead stand firm for truth and righteousness. 

12. to honor, obey, love, and fear the Lord in all ways and to honor and love their mother and father.

As parents the Lord commands us that we are to teach our children in our homes morning, noon, and night about the Lord and the wonderful blessing of following Him. Faith comes by hearing God's Word and if we don't accept the responsibility to teach our children God's Word, how will they gain a saving faith that will make them right with God? If we are parents who truly love God with all of our hearts, then we will definitely be homeschooling our children on a continual basis in the ways of God.  


I have heard a few people who have implied that parents are perhaps not true Christians if they do not homeschool their children in basic areas of study such as in Math, English, Science and so forth. I found it very surprising that anyone could imply such a strong judgment upon others and that is why I felt that I needed to write a short article concerning this subject. I strongly believe that Christian parents need to follow their own personal convictions concerning this matter and seek God for wisdom.

Parents have different convictions concerning homeschooling their children in the area of general type studies


I think that Christian parents should seek to understand and respect each other concerning the fact that some parents feel convicted to homeschool their children in the area of general studies such as Math, History, and English, while other Christian parents are convicted very differently about this. 


Some parents do not want their children exposed to wrong teachings in the school system or exposed to situations where other students are frequently cursing, bullying, dressing inappropriately etc. I think any Christian parent has these concerns and it is very easy to understand why they would want to homeschool their child. However, we also need to understand that other Christian parents feel the conviction to allow their children to be exposed to various situations that will allow their children the experience to learn how to deal with these situations in a godly manner. 


A child who loves their parents and feels comfortable talking to their parents should be able to come home and express concerns about their day, and the parents should be able to offer scriptural advice and personal insights for handling such situations. Many parents feel this gives their child some valuable exposure and life lesson experiences that they might not encounter otherwise. Also, these parents feel convicted by different scriptures that tell us that God's children are to shine as lights in the darkness (Matt. 5:14-16, Mark 4:21) and that the Lord has called His children to not be of the world, but to be in the world as His witnesses. (John 17: 14-19, Mark 16:15)


The subject of homeschooling is definitely not a subject that should divide Christians. Instead, we should seek to encourage Christian parents to seek God individually on this matter and follow their own personal leading as they feel convicted by God and the scriptures. We should not view certain families as "better Christians" because they decided to homeschool, or "better Christians" because they decided not to homeschool.  

The benefits of children being a witness in a school setting.


Christian children at school can be a strong witness without them even having to say a word, but simply by setting the right example in such things as the way they dress, their actions etc.  I know when I attended school, I was also given plenty of opportunities for verbal witnessing too. When I was in the required class of Speech, I spoke against the teachings of evolution and supported the teachings of creationism.  Another Christian friend of mine taught in a speech about the dangers and evils of Ouija boards. 


Other Christian students in public schools have shined for the Lord as witnesses and have taught against abortion, wrong types of games and music and various other topics. I also had a Christian counselor who supported me in allowing a Bible study in the school library with some other students. My daughter has had a lot of opportunities to witness through essays and papers she has given to her teachers and at times has presented them to her class.

We all must decide what we think is best, but we should try and understand one another's convictions.


I think that this is an area that many Christian parents view in various ways. The main concern is that Christian parents need to be working hard to raise their children to live godly, love God above all, and love others in the same way they love themselves. Then parents need to prayerfully consider whether or not to homeschool their child in the area of general studies or not. Different parents have varying convictions in this area and we need to strive to respect other parent's decisions.


Article by F. A. Butler

God bless you richly,

SeriousForTruth Ministry