Recommended Ministries

Here are a few added ministries that this ministry believes are standing firm on the truths of the Word of God. 


1. David Wilkerson Ministry


A ministry full of powerful Bible-based preaching/teaching!


Holy Spirit filled Sermons: 

2. Grace of the Way Youtube Ministry


This wonderful woman teaches with such grace and firmness over a wide range of topics through the use of beautiful videos.



3. Pastor Greg Locke Ministry


A pastor who shares Bible truths in a very straight-forward and honest way.



4. David and Linda Cooke (AFlame4God) Ministry


This couple is truly on fire for the Lord with powerful teachings and a missions ministry that you can get involved in. This ministry sends Bibles and food to some of the poorest people in the world but who are rich in their love for God!




Facebook Ministry: 

5. "A Call for an Uprising" YouTube Ministry - Exposing the sin and dangers of modern day entertainment


This powerful ministry exposes the dangers and sin behind the majority of modern-day entertainment which true Christians need to stay away from for the safety of their souls. 


"A Call for an Uprising" YouTube: 


God bless you richly,

SeriousForTruth Ministry