Children's Movie Alerts - Exposing the Darkness Found in Many Children's Movies, Especially Those From Disney


"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them." Ephesians 5:11


"I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me." Psalm 101:3


"Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and be thrown into the sea." Mark 9:42


It is important for parents to understand that modern Disney movies overall do not have an agenda to have children merely enjoy cute, sweet, innocent, pure, lesson-teaching movies. They try to come across that way which tends to cause confusion for most parents who want to believe they can trust in these Disney movies. Instead, we have to finally accept and understand that Disney always has another motive and agenda behind their movies which seek to promote various disturbing anti-Christian material such as sorcery/magic, sexual innuendoes/immoralities, paganism, demonic/satanic/horror scenes, idolatry, LGBT, occultism, Illuminati promotions etc.


It is clear that even the early Disney movies were so often intent on promoting magic and sorcery which is something that the Bible strictly forbids since it is a demonic and harmful activity.  It is very important for all parents who are concerned about the well-being of their children to watch the following video. It will help parents to build an awareness that even the classic Disney movies promote material that God strictly forbids since God loves us deeply and wants us to be protected from all forms of evil. 



In more recent years, Disney has become so blatant with their promotion of anti-Christian themes that there is absolutely no doubt that they are intentionally brainwashing and causing harm to children. If you are not aware of Disney's current promotion of evil, please see the "Descendant's" video below. It is not only Disney of course that promotes such disturbing material to children but also so many horrible programs are promoted by Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc.


Now that you have gained a solid awareness of how the majority of children's movies are being used to brainwash our children and lead them away from biblical values, I hope you will now enjoy the following children's movie reviews. 

"Ice Age" Movie Series Review


When I watched the first "Ice Age" movie I was pleasantly surprised! The movie was very cute, sweet, had a clear story instead of being loaded with hyperactive nonsense, and taught some good lessons such as helping one another in times of crisis and being loyal to others. The film did not seem to promote an obvious agenda other than I did notice a slight promotion of evolution. For that reason, please watch the film with caution with your children if you decide to watch it. Explain to them that evolution is not taught in the Bible and is not something we should believe in as Christians.


The rest of the movie series definitely strayed away from being Christian family material. These movies include Part 2 - "Ice Age the Meltdown", Part 3 - "Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Part 4 - "Ice Age Continental Drift, and Part 5 "Ice Age Collision Course". This straying away often happens after the first movie comes out as a "hook" to get parents to trust that sequels will be acceptable as well. The sequels often will include more famous actor's voices being used and this is normally a sure sign that the children's movie is going to veer off course in various wrong directions that are not acceptable for Christian family viewing. 


In Part 2 - "Ice Age the Meltdown" we see a movie that promotes the agenda of "global warming". "Global warming" is strongly promoted by the United Nations which seeks a global governing agenda. As Christians, we need to be very aware of what the United Nations promotes which is often very ungodly such as their stance against Israel. This movie had the words "damn" and "ass" during the beginning scene which is especially not appropriate for children's movies. This movie had references to evolution and seemed to sympathize with the liberal agenda of "self-identification" as something someone is not. For example, Ellie the mammoth self-identified as a possum and this seems to be a way to promote confusion for children in the same way that we see so many people "self-identifying" as being of a different gender, race, age, etc. than they actually are. There was the promotion of pagan worship when Sid the sloth was worshipped and later was nearly sacrificed. Even though this movie had some good aspects, there were too many negative aspects to make this movie appropriate for Christians. 


In Part 3 - "Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs" we see the trend toward ungodly agendas continued in this third movie of the series. This movie starts out right away with a sexualized female squirrel who acts very seductive and causes the male squirrel to lust after her. This reinforces to children that females are sex objects and that a girl's physical appearance is what makes her attractive. There is more gender confusion in this movie when Sid the male sloth calls himself a "mommy" to three baby dinosaurs. There was a reference in this movie about a caterpillar "coming out" and was clearly a pun toward "coming out" in the sense of LGBT. One of the characters in this movie called a beast in the movie as one that "sees all" and "knows all" which characterizes the Illuminati "all seeing eye" propaganda. It is very disturbing to see all of these references which do nothing but confuse and program children toward a liberal, anti-biblical mindset. Part 4, "Ice Age Continental Drift" is just one more propaganda tool to try and brainwash children that the continents drifted apart over millions/billions of years which is clearly promoting evolution and confusing them about biblical truths. 


In the final Part 5 of the series titled "Ice Age Collision Course," we see more and more of the same propaganda being pushed on children. This includes "all seeing eye" symbolism, alien/UFO references, evolution promotion, some male characters acting feminine, new age religion references galore, and a "llama with horns" (who's heard of that?) which looks quite a bit like a satanic Baphomet. This "llama"/Baphomet type creature was said to "know all" and "see all" in the movie and was the "master of meditation".  Satanic Baphomet creatures are getting promoted more and more in children's movies such as "Zootopia" as well as on clothing, games, and other items. This movie is clearly promoting very unsafe agendas for children which do not fit in with Christian values. 

"Chipmunks" Movies Review


Don't be fooled by the Chipmunk movie's attention-grabbing DVD covers, posters, etc. which feature adorable little chipmunks along with slogans like "Fun for the whole family!" and even have a rated "G" rating! Believe me, according to the Holy Bible, these movies definitely do NOT earn a rated "G" whatsoever. When I think of the "Chipmunks" movies, I think of what is shared about in 2 Timothy 3:1-4. These verses in Holy Scripture tell us that in the last days perilous times shall come and that men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, unholy, and lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. These verses describe the extremely worldly spirit behind the Chipmunks. In the following video, you will clearly see how these movies promote the love of material gain plus an insatiable desire for pleasures, fame, sensual dancing, music with offensive lyrics, and provocative dress/lewdness which are many of the sinful dangers that 2 Timothy 3:1-4 warned us about concerning these last days. 

The Chipmunks movies are very disturbing since they sexualize little children - remember, the chipmunks are supposed to represent children. These movies clearly promote that children should love sensual dancing and want to emulate and admire famous pop singers that promote lewd dancing, provocative clothing, and shallow/immoral music. These movies promote songs from Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and other celebrities who all have extremely inappropriate music and dancing. Instead of celebrating and idolizing this type of music and dancing, we should be disgraced and disgusted by it. These movies oftentimes take place in settings that are completely not suitable for innocent children such as casinos and nightclubs. Here is an example from the movie of the extremely sensual dancing that this movie seems to think is something for children to want to admire instead of being alarmed by. 

A parent named Heather gave a wise analysis of this movie: "Based on biblical values it (Chipmunks movie) is extremely offensive and not appropriate for children or anyone… honestly, I think people forget what they are rating on. Read your bibles! This movie… even this children’s movie invites us to look upon women lustfully. Check it out! They’re barely dressed shakin' it to chipmunk grooves. Doesn’t anyone wonder why the chipmunks are singing to adults where alcohol is being served? What happened to the children?? Don’t settle and let the world decide what is okay for your kids to absorb, they will become calloused to sin. If you watch the movie, do so without your children first and watch all the sexual innuendo and adult-themed “humor.” See for yourself if it is something the Lord would have your children subjected to."


As we can clearly see, the "Chipmunks" movies are not appropriate for Christian homes. They promote the "fruits of the flesh" such as idolatry, uncleanness, lewdness, and selfish ambitions which according to God's word if we continue to practice such things we will not inherit the kingdom of God (see Galatians 5:17-21).


These movies seem to make the Hollywood lifestyle seem glamorous and exciting instead of seeing the true reality of "Hellywood" which is one where little children get abused by pedophiles and is a world full of sin and vile deceptions. It could make children dream of wanting to be famous, rich, "cool" celebrities instead of understanding that this lifestyle leads people away from godly, wholesome, honorable living. There was a man in this movie who played the role of a record producer who seemed to really fit the description of a Hollywood pedophile. He lured the Chipmunk kids in by offering them fame, fortune, and a mansion to live in with a pool. These are all common tactics that Hollywood pedophiles use to lure in child stars. These Chipmunks were then given all the toys they desired which inspired greed and materialism in them as you can see in the video below. These Chipmunks movies are very dangerous for children and need to be excluded from Christian homes. 

"Wreck-It Ralph" Movie Review


This is a very hyper, high strung movie. Most of the movie takes place in a video game filled with candy and sweets and it feels like whoever wrote this was truly on a sugar rush - in fact, one of the movie's songs was called "Sugar Rush"!  


It's possible to glean a few helpful lessons from this movie such as the fact that the main character in the show, Wreck-It Ralph helped a little girl when she was being bullied. Another lesson is that the people who once despised Wreck-It Ralph finally realized that he was an important part of their world after all and they finally changed their ways and started to include Wreck-It Ralph in their parties, activities, and so forth. However, when you have to try and find these lessons at the expense of so many negative aspects of the movie, it is simply more dangerous to allow your children to watch this movie. 


There are a number of negative aspects of this movie which could really get into a child's subconscious mind especially if the child watched it over and over again.  Right at the beginning of the show, it showed a video game character pulling the beating heart out of a zombie. This was very gruesome and not fit for any person's mind and especially not a child's mind. Horror scenes of all types should be kept away from children. There was also a very wicked looking devil character in this same scene and these types of scenes for children 'normalize' evil and wickedness as just a 'regular part of life' which should not be. These characters also said a "bad guy affirmation prayer." This is similar to what Lady Gaga says in a song of hers called "Born this Way" which seems to imply that no matter how you behave that this is simply the way you are and you don't need to change. This is a VERY anti-biblical message and probably one that Disney is seeking to promote as they seek to promote the LGBT agenda and other anti-biblical ways.  


There were other scenes in this movie that were definitely not appropriate for children. There were scenes about alcohol consumption and making it look fun and normal. Scary and demonic looking creatures and technologies were seen throughout the movie. One of the leading female characters was all about "female empowerment" as she acted so manly and bossed men around constantly. This is very contrary to the Bible's view of how women should behave and conduct themselves. Video games are really promoted and glorified in this movie to the point of idolatry which is a very dangerous road for all people especially since so many video games are very wicked in our day. There were also some effeminate behaviors seen from guys, some "all-seeing eye" and triangle Illuminati symbolism promoted, a lot of suggestive and gross sounding phrases and music, as well as other very questionable material.  


This is a movie to definitely keep away from your children. If you would like to find movies with good lessons, there are other programs available which exclude all of the negative aspects as seen in this movie. You could buy videos of "The Donut Man", "Quigley's Village", and other Christian oriented videos.  Please try to stay away from Disney movies for your children at all costs!

"Storks" and "Boss Baby" Movie Reviews from Thecontroversy7

I have included the movie "Boss Baby" in this movie review about the "Storks" movie. "Boss Baby" also featured babies being manufactured in a building so the theme is very similar to the "Storks" movie which is discussed with great Christian insight in this video.

"Up" Movie Review


This is a cute, funny, adventurous movie with valuable lessons to include loyalty, helpfulness, and being an overcomer. I was happy and surprised that Disney could still make a quality film with no noticeable undesirable promotions for kids! It's a movie that children and parents alike can finally watch together in peace and enjoyment...whew!! 🤪

"Minions" Movie Review by Vigilant Christian

This is an excellent video from "Vigilant Christian" which shares the many harmful aspects of this movie. The satanic and/or Illuminati symbolism in this movie alone makes it very concerning to include the upside down cross door handles, the red lightning rod flying machine, the "all-seeing eye" and triangle images, and the woman named "Scarlet Overkill" which seems to be representative of the woman who rides the Scarlet Beast from Revelation chapter 17.

Right on the cover of the movie one of the minions is holding up a sign that states "Serving Evil Since the Dawn of Time." This statement and the movie theme shows that the minions are supposed to be evil beings. As wrote: "The minions are demonic beings that are portrayed as cute little yellow characters that seem harmless. Yet, let us look at how the Illuminati portray these things called minions. They assist evil, promote it, and wherever they have been throughout history, evil has occurred. Not only that, but the movie has a clear connection with Queen Elizabeth as well. The Illuminati are demonstrating how it is that the evil minions that assist them, both human and non-human, clearly have a connection with human leadership, power and wealth, just as the movie portrays this. They are selling evil to children and adults as something that is cute and harmless. Protect your children and keep them away from these demonic influences!"

In all of the minion movies, you will see these little characters running around wildly, laughing hysterically, and having an odd undiscernable language. These are very strange behaviors that don't set a good example for little children. There are also various sexual implications, the worst being a scene where a minion is smiling seductively in a hot tub with two yellow fire hydrants on each side of him which clearly look like topless women. As you can see, the minion movies are not fit to be watched in Christian homes.

"Big Hero 6" Movie Review by Vigilant Christian

This is an excellent video from "Vigilant Christian" which exposes the dark agenda behind this Disney movie. Not only does the "Big Hero 6" movie have subtle hints of promoting and normalizing the coming one-world government, but this movie promotes robotics and that it is good to form emotional bonds with them. This movie clearly shows the dark way that the future is headed. This movie came out in 2014 and it promotes Artificial Intelligence (AI), "man merging with machine" (transhumanism), evolution, and "immortality" through people merging with machines. There is even a song in this movie which is about immortality. This movie tries to make this transhumanism agenda appear to be "cool", "super-hero like", "fun", and "exciting" instead of the pathway to eternal damnation as we are told in the Bible. If a man merges with machine through the mark of the beast or some other means, it takes away their true humanity and they will not be able to enter the Kingdom of God. This movie, however, tries to brainwash kids and make them believe that the upcoming antichrist agenda is wonderful and good instead of abominable and horrific.

"Monsters, Inc." Movie Review

This movie seems to be very "cute and fuzzy", especially compared to the more recently released "Monsters University" movie. Is this so that people will be more open to buying the sequel since they trusted this first movie overall?

However, this movie is not nearly as cute and adorable as it all seems. For one thing, what is "cute and fuzzy" about big, mean, scary monsters sneaking into little kids' bedrooms in the middle of the night to scare them half to death? This seems like a pretty dark and demonic agenda to me. Also, the monsters get "energy" from these children's screams. Isn't this similar to how psychopathic, narcissistic, and occultic people get their energy...from causing pain, stress, and/or fear to their victims?  Absolutely! The devil and his psychopathic antichrist will also appear like charming "angels of light" just like these monsters appeared all "cute and fuzzy". But their true goal will be to torture the pure and innocent, just as in this movie the monsters tormented pure, innocent children which is an abomination to our God!

Also, what is "cute and fuzzy" about the creepy Illuminati "all-seeing eye" appearing throughout the movie? This represents "big brother" watching our every move and is related to the controlling Illuminati agenda.

The other thing that was bothersome about this movie were the secret doors going into the human realm. Isn't that what the demons did during the days of Noah as the demons left their realm and mated with human women to form Nephelim demonic creatures? Isn't the devil seeking to release his demons on earth again in the final days as we read in the Bible? This seems like more than a coincidence to me. 

This movie's sequel, "Monsters University", was much more clearly and blatantly disturbing than this movie and showed children being tortured on a regular basis as well as other very troubling material. Please see a review of that movie in the below video from "ABC Christian 2." If there is a third movie in this series to come out in the future, will it be about the little girl (Boo) as an adult falling in love with one of the monsters? Will she have part human and part demonic monster babies? With the sick transhumanism agenda that this world is pursuing, it would not be surprising!  

"Monster University" Movie Review by ABC Christian 2

"The Lego Movie" Review by Vigilant Christian

This is one of the most disturbing and twisted movies I have ever seen. It is a movie that makes a clear mockery of God and Christians. The movie portrays the father figure (God) as this tyrannical, unmoving, hostile dictator who refuses to budge from his viewpoints. The main character in the movie who is seen as the "Special" seems to be a mockery of Jesus who as we learn later is the son of the father figure. The "Special" is seen as a big "nobody" construction worker similar to how Jesus was seen as just a humble carpenter in the world. Everyone was so shocked to learn that this boring person who was not seen as great or powerful in this world and who always followed the "instruction book" (a mockery of the Bible) could possibly be the "Special". A girl called Lucy comes along ("Lucy" is a shortened version of Lucifer) who says she is secretly jealous since she always wanted to be the "Special". Of course, we can easily see how Lucifer was always jealous of Jesus throughout the Bible and always wanted to be seen as the one who is truly wise, great, and powerful.

This story is so twisted and full of mockeries toward Christianity. It is no wonder since Satan is the father of lies, perversions, and twisting of the truth. It portrays the "Instruction Book" (Bible) as a weak and boring book to follow. The devil has deceived many on earth to believe this lie and the devil has instead convinced most of the world that the "exciting", "interesting", "creative", "knowledgeable" people of this world are instead people like the scientists, celebrities, sports stars, so-called geniuses, and so forth.

The really twisted part of this movie though is that the "Special" is in agreement with Lucy/Lucifer and the "Special" even convinces his father (who is supposed to represent God the Father) that all these so-called amazing inventions of mankind from the "elites" make the father's creation so much more creative, exhilarating, and liberating. Of course, the true Christ would never follow after Lucifer's twisted lies so this makes this "Special" character a type of anti-christ. This is truly a sick and twisted storyline. There is also an "enlightened prophet" in this movie whose eyes glow from having so much "enlightenment". This character is a reminder of the false prophet shared about in Scripture.

If you watch the video from "Vigilant Christian" above, you will understand that this twisted logic is based on Gnosticism. Gnosticism is a twisted teaching that tries to convey that God is a "bully" who is depriving mankind of knowledge, "enlightenment", various "powers" etc. similar to how Satan tried to convince Eve in the Garden of Eden that God was depriving her of these things since she was forbidden by God to eat of the tree that would "open her eyes". Gnosticism teaches that mere human beings can become "god" through this "eye-opening enlightenment". This movie preaches the Satanic, Gnostic, Luciferian gospel to children. Please see the above video which explains all of this in even more detail and shows how Illuminati and Freemason symbolism was used all throughout this extremely disturbing and horrific piece of brainwashing propaganda.

"The coming of the lawless one will be accompanied by the working of Satan, with every kind of power, sign, and false wonder, and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie,…" (2 Thessalonians 2:9-11)

"Zootopia" Movie Review by In Plain Sight

"Inside Out" Movie Review


As I've already shared at the top of this page, it is important for parents to understand that modern Disney movies overall do not have an agenda to have children merely enjoy cute, sweet, innocent, pure, lesson teaching movies. They try to come across that way which tends to cause confusion to most parents who want to believe they can trust in these Disney movies. Instead, we have to finally accept and understand that Disney always has another motive and agenda behind their movies which seek to promote various disturbing anti-Christian material such as sorcery/magic, sexual innuendoes/immoralities, paganism, demonic/satanic/horror scenes, idolatry, LGBT, Illuminati promotions etc. It is clear that even the early Disney movies were intent on promoting magic and sorcery so often which is something that the Bible strictly forbids since it is a demonic and harmful activity. Disney has become so blatant with their promotion of anti-Christian themes in recent years that there is absolutely no doubt that they are intentionally brainwashing and causing harm to children. If you are not aware of Disney's current promotion of evil, please see the "Descendant's" video at the top of the page. It is not only Disney of course that promotes such disturbing material to children but also so many horrible programs are promoted by Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc. 


With all that being said, we can understand that the "Inside Out" movie also has some type of agenda. Of course, there are going to be plenty of cute touching scenes and this movie is not quite as easy to see what Disney is trying to promote as others. It does not take too long to understand though that this movie is promoting humanistic psychology. This movie ends by giving the emotion "sadness" some meaning, but overall this movie communicates that "sadness" merely creates chaos. The emotion sadness first of all destroyed "Goofball Island", then came the destruction of "Friendship Island", then "Hockey Island" fell apart and finally "Family Island" went down. It reminded me of how drug commercials are constantly promoted on TV encouraging people to rush to a psychologist and get medicated if they think they are experiencing some sadness in their lives. 


However, does this have a biblical message concerning our emotions? I believe it is very different than what the Bible says about sadness. Sadness was a core and important memory in the life of every single strong follower of God. It was not an emotion to try to destroy but an emotion to learn from and drive us to seek the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. The book of Ecclesiastics describes how life is fully hopeless, vain, and nonsense but that this wisdom which comes from grief and sadness ultimately helps us to seek God and live for Him. Once we finally give our lives to God we will finally know true hope, joy, and meaning! I would be very cautious about this movie and the underlying message that it seems to convey. 

Modern day fairy tales Movie Reviews - A look at "Into the Woods" and "Enchanted"


Classic fairy tales are getting movie remakes but unfortunately, they are even worse than the original classic versions. If you watched the video at the very top of this page, which is a sermon that shares about the dangers of Disney classic fairy tales, you would have learned that the chief danger in these movies is that there is a large focus on sorcery/witchcraft in them. All forms of witchcraft are strictly forbidden in the Bible for being demonic and harmful activities. 


In recent years, many of these classic fairy tales are being made into new movies to include movies like "Cinderella", "Beauty and the Beast", "Mirror Mirror (modern day "Snow White"), "into the Wood" (includes fairy tales from "Little Red Riding Hood", "Rapunzel", and "Jack and the Beanstalk"), "Enchanted" and others. These movies not only contain all of the sorcery/witchcraft that their original versions contained, but they also contain several other anti-Christian materials. Some of these materials include LGBT references, lewd attire, adult "humor", and promotion of Gnosticism.


The worst of these modern-day fairy tales that I saw was the movie "Into the Woods". This movie included various fairy tales rolled into one movie to include characters from "Cinderella", "Rapunzel", "Little Red Riding Hood", and "Jack and the Beanstalk". The whole show was dark, dismal, and depressing which goes with the dark message it conveyed. The scary witch in the movie said she could break a spell on the baker and his wife, but that they had to find items in the woods to break the spell. The baker and his wife were willing to lie, cheat, and steal in order to gain these items which teach children horrible values. The wolf acted exactly like a pedophile toward Little Red Riding Hood and even offered her candy and flowers. Please watch the songs below to better understand how perverted this aspect of the movie was. I was appalled when Prince Charming, who had just married Cinderella, was out in the woods and had an adulterous affair with the baker's wife! The baker's wife had just had a baby but yet the couple was having prolonged kissing in the woods. The Prince also said that "right and wrong don't matter in the woods, only feelings" - this is like teaching children that good values do not matter at all! There was so much wrong with this movie in more-less every scene as well as in the musical lyrics. This is a movie that should go in the burn barrel immediately!  Below are two of the very disturbing songs from the "Little Red Riding Hood" scene.


Another modern-day fairy tale that combines many fairy tales into one movie is called "Happily Never After". This show has many famous actors and actresses playing the main characters just like "Into the Woods" was loaded with famous actors and actresses as well. The use of famous actors is normally a sure sign that the movie will be full of materials that are not suitable for Christian homes and can be thrown straight into the garbage cans. The movie "Happily Never After" is full of wizardry and magic from start to finish. It is no surprise that the wizard in the movie was played by George Carlin who is an atheist. 

This is a song from "Into the Woods" which alludes to disturbing pedophile perversion.

This is a second song from "Into the Woods" which alludes to pedophilia.


The movie "Enchanted", which is another modern-day fairy tale, may seem innocent but there are plenty of things that are truly not suitable for viewers and should not be part of a Christian home. Please see the movie review below from ABC Christian 2 concerning this.


All movie reviews are by Laura Butler and F.A. Butler unless otherwise indicated


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