Ten Qualities of Remnant Believers who are Members of the Bride of Christ


Article by Kimberly of OTG Ministry


This message shares about ten possible ways that you will know if you are part of the remnant of true Christian believers. The Bible actually talks a lot about the term “Remnant”. Basically what a remnant is, is a small group of people that God has set aside for His purposes. Let’s now look at some of the qualities that will be found in a remnant believer who is a member of the Bride of Christ:


1.  The Remnant is a group of believers who are set apart by the grace of God, through their faith in Jesus Christ. They are a small group of believers and they are set apart for God’s purposes. – They are a small group that is sparsely scattered around the world in which God does this on purpose. This is why it is very hard to meet or to know another remnant believer that is in your area since we are so scattered and separated from each other. You do not choose to be a remnant believer but are chosen by the grace of God. So although there are roughly about 2 billion people in the world who claim to be Christian, only a small fraction of them are truly remnant believers, or you could also call them the children of God, extremely devout Christians, or the Bride of Christ.


2.  God seems to expect a lot of the Remnant. The remnant truly labors in the field and are the small percentage of the Christians who are the laborers. They are typically prayer warriors, those who travail, watchmen on the wall, street preachers, missionaries (or help fund missionaries/true Christian ministries), give to the poor, or have some type of truly Bible-based ministry. – The remnant is typically the laborers. It has been shared before that maybe only about 7% of all of those who claim to be Christians actually labor in the Kingdom or contribute to the Kingdom. As Jesus said to His disciples in Matthew 9:37-38, “The harvest truly is plenteous but the laborers are few. Pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.” The Lord almighty chooses who will labor and bring in the harvest. God does not choose just anyone because if He did then He would allow roughly 2 billion people who claim to be Christians to labor and bring in the harvest. So I really believe that the remnant consists typically of the ones that are working hard to labor and help bring in the harvest.


3.  The Remnant Believers have been given a burden by God to know without a doubt and warn others that we are in the End Times. Because of this, they are absolutely hated and targeted by Satan. The Remnant Believers keep getting in the way of Satan’s plans. – When I became a Christian roughly five years ago, the first thing God wanted me to know without a doubt was that we are in the end times. I've been sharing about that on my website and on my YouTube channel for the last four to five years. It’s amazing to me how much of the world does not even believe that we are in the end times and are completely oblivious to it which is what Satan wants. It is even amazing to me how so many people who claim to be Christians don’t even believe that we are in the end times. Satan’s plan is to get people in a “bubble” and to be caught up in things like television, Hollywood, secular music, video games, etc. and to be completely oblivious to the plans and the things that Satan is doing to prepare for the coming of the Antichrist. The remnant believers totally get in the way of that since they keep warning other people and telling people to wake up which really angers Satan and therefore he tries to come against believers.


4.  Remnant Believers have offended friends and family just by simply telling/warning them that we are in the End Times and for them to get right with God and stop sinning. They are not taken seriously or they are completely rejected by their friends and family. – So for me personally, I have had a very difficult childhood and I am not really close to my family because of this. I have a family who claims to be Christian. I also come from a large family which had seven children in which my parents are still alive. There are a couple in my family who are really legalistic type Christians, and I have a sister who is hyper-grace or easy-believism, and the rest of my family are pretty much lukewarm  Christians. I used to be lukewarm, and if my family would have taken a vote about “who was the one most likely to go to hell”, my family unanimously would have said “Kimberly” (me) because I was so rebellious and I could be quite difficult and stubborn. So, about five years ago I became a very devout Christian basically overnight since I became born-again.


About two years ago I sent a warning email out to my entire family in which I warned them that we are in the end times and that they really needed to take this seriously by getting their lives right with God and to repent for their sins. Well, this did not go over so well because their really rebellious sister at one time is now all of a sudden telling them what to do which they did not like at all. Because of this I was completely rejected and disowned by my family. Now I do not have any relationship at all with my parents or my siblings because of it who are either lukewarm or hyper-grace about God. None of them can relate to the things that I say or teach. They believe that my ministry is an absolute joke and I have even received threats to stop my ministry. I was also completely rejected by my friends and therefore I lost all of my family and friends. This is actually very typical for remnant believers to experience. Sometimes Christians do not lose their family, but they are often ridiculed, mocked, not taken seriously by their family etc. Although I’ve lost so much from doing this ministry and being a devout Christian, it’s actually ok because I understand that I need to obey God and keep on the narrow path and do what it is that God wants me to do.


5.  Remnant Believers understand that most Pastors are completely lost. It may take them a long time to seek out a true Church or they just finally give up and don’t attend a church building. They do not want to compromise by attending a Lukewarm Church. – For me personally, I’ve almost given up on finding a church (building). I refuse to compromise by attending a lukewarm church just to have the idea or to say that I go to church every Sunday. For me, it’s not worth it because some churches can be downright dangerous. When you attend a lukewarm church long enough eventually you will become lukewarm just like that church. And it is not even just lukewarm churches, but there are a lot of churches with many strange doctrines out there and are getting into new age philosophies, apostate, and most of these churches are absolute disasters. There are a couple of really good churches, but for me, it’s just not worth it going to church anymore unless God really shows me a really good church in my area. But until this happens I’m not going to attend church.


6.  The Remnant understands that although the world is becoming more dark and evil, they remain optimistic and believe that it marks the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is a good thing. They know this world is not their home and they look forward to going home. – So with me being a devout Christian now compared to a lukewarm Christian, I really do hate this world. I get so sick and tired of the evil and the darkness as it just gets darker and darker. I get tired of it and I really look forward to going home. This is not my home and I’m just passing through. I’m a stranger in this world. I don’t belong here and I really look forward to going home soon hopefully!


7.  When a Remnant Believer finds another Remnant Believer, it feels like they have won the lottery. They are overjoyed that they finally know someone in this world that is truly a Child of God and that they have many things in common with them. – This is just so true since it is so hard to find someone who is as devout about the Lord and bears the same burdens. It’s a blessing to find someone who will truly have your back and in which you can pray for and comfort one another. It is truly a joyful thing to finally find someone that you share so much in common with. Now, just because you find someone who believes that Jesus Christ died on the cross doesn’t mean you have things in common with them. I honestly don’t have a lot in common with many people who profess to be Christians. I’m not saying that I’m better than them, and I don’t believe that at all. If you listen to my teachings you’ll see that I’m very firm and very strict about my teaching in which I don’t compromise on the truth at all. It’s really hard to find people like that, but I sure am overjoyed when I do find somebody like that.


8.  Remnant Believers are truly hated by the world. They are often mocked, ridiculed, persecuted, and even martyred. Some lose their jobs or find it hard to be around their co-workers or other people in any situation. Even lukewarm Christians can persecute Remnant Believers. – So in this ministry, I am mocked, ridiculed, persecuted, and hated by a lot of people. I get threats and some of the worst attacks that I get are actually from those who claim to be Christians.


9.  A Remnant Believer can feel very isolated at times. Yes, they do feel comfort from having fellowship with Jesus and having the Holy Spirit guide them, but they still feel that lack of contact and fellowship with other Remnant Believers. There is a loneliness factor at times with Remnant Believers. – I really believe that Jesus understands, He really does. And like I have said, He strategically puts us very far away from each other and makes us very sparsely scattered around the world. There is a reason for this because we are the laborers in the fields and we have to do a lot of work in our area. The purpose of the Remnant Believer really is to spread the Gospel.


10.  The Remnant has a heart for the lost and they understand that their purpose is to spread the Gospel and to teach and to encourage lukewarm Christians. They do not compromise on the truth. Their purpose is to also leave information, videos, literature, messages, etc., for the lost and the lukewarm to have when the Remnant is taken out of this world. When the Remnant is taken, the world will truly become a very dark place. The Remnant is truly a light in this world. 

This message explains the differences between the wise and foolish virgins. They both "appear" to be the same but their hearts are very different...

God bless you Bride of Christ!

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