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We are living in a very deceptive day and everywhere we turn true believers are understanding that only an extremely small minority of preachers in church buildings are teaching the full truths of the Bible. The wonderful blessing, however, is that we can rest in the fact that the TRUE Church has nothing to do with meeting in a building at all! The TRUE Church is the Body of Christ which includes all of the people who faithfully follow the Lord in Spirit and Truth! The true Church is not about being surrounded by walls, but being surrounded by other faithful believers!  


As Christians, we will desire to seek out fellowship with a few other true believers. It is a blessing to have fellowship with others, but the problem is that there are so many 'wolves in sheep's clothing' out there, that it is best as new believers to, first of all, try to grow in our knowledge of God's truths through the study of God's Word. This way we can grow and mature in the faith and not get deceived by so many false teachings that exist. God wants us to "study to show ourselves approved" (2 Tim. 2:15), and if we do decide to listen to any religious teachers, we need to make sure that we are diligent like the Bereans of Acts 17:11 and test these teachings we hear against what the fullness of scripture teaches. 


It is not necessary to fellowship with a large group of people especially if that group is not truly zealous for God's full teachings, or if they are holding firmly onto false teachings.  Remember, Noah only had his family to fellowship with, but that was totally sufficient and kept him on a path of holiness. It is so important that we be extremely wise and discerning about who we choose to fellowship with so that our hearts won't get led astray from the truth.  It is most likely that we won't want to stay in most traditional "churches" since the majority of these in our day has no strong desire to know, share, or obey God's truths. It is heartbreaking, but God warns us very clearly that false teachers who please men's ears instead of diligently seeking to share sound doctrine will abound in great heaps! (2 Tim. 4:3) However, if God in His grace and mercy might decide to lead us to a few other faithful believers who are truly zealous for Him and who live to diligently love and obey Him, then we can praise God for this and be thankful for this encouraging fellowship. We don't have to meet with them in a religious building, but we may decide to fellowship with them in our homes or through the use of social networking etc.


Please watch the following video which explains more about what the true Church is according to what the Bible teaches.  


F. A. Butler



A building that is called a church yet has removed from its message, The Preaching of The Cross......Justification by the Blood... And Repentance unto Salvation... is not a church; but, a building that has become nothing more than a place for people to gather for social events, activities, and religious traditions... Beware of such places.

 -Phil Kassees

"Some like to be called a pastor. Some like to be called a senior pastor. Some like to be called senior pastor bishop. Some like to be called pastor Bishop prophet. Some like to be called pastor Bishop prophet and apostle. But the humble biblical writers liked to be called 'servants' and be called by their name and known for what they did. For it is not what you are but what you do that matters. So we read: 'For we do not preach ourselves but Christ Jesus as Lord, and ourselves as your bondservants for Jesus' sake' (2 Cor 4:5). Paul began his Roman epistle this way: 'Paul a bondservant of Christ Jesus, called as an apostle' (Rom 1:1a). Notice that he did not say to call him, 'Apostle Paul'."

 -Robert Klous

The true Church - The Church is not a (man-made) building

Why I don't "Go to Church" Anymore (Part 1 of 2)

This video helps to explain why many Christians who walk intimately with God are not feeling comfortable in most institutional church settings and are leaving them to find the true fellowship they hunger for.

Why I don't "Go to Church" Anymore (Part 2 of 2)

This video answers questions about why many strong Christians are questioning institutional churches. It explains how these Christians are instead growing much more deeply in their faith once they leave the institutions and then move on to find quality Christian relationships that make true sense to them. As the narrator of this video shares "My worst days outside of organized religion are still better than my best days inside it. To me the difference is like listening to someone talk about golf or actually taking a set of clubs out to the course and playing golf."

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Why most true Christians don't feel like they fit into a "church building system" which feels like a corporate and political structure instead of a personal structure

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Remember that false gospels are being shared in most buildings known as "churches" in our day. David Wilkerson urgently warns about this in the below video. If your church is not teaching all of the Bible and repentance then this is a false church that you need to run from!

Modern day church buildings are often a type of 'Babylon' (place of confusion). This man helps to explain what to do after leaving 'Babylon' type church buildings.

It is wise to come out of places that are only "playing church" while leaving God and His truths out. If people refuse to teach the fullness of God's Word in order to bring forth truth and save the children, then we need to come out of that 'Babylon'/confusion. If you are a sincere and honest man or woman or God, then we need to take responsibility and sow His seed and get it planted. But we must come out of the confusion ('Babylon'....places full of confusion that refuses to teach the fullness of God's truths to bring salvation to men), and instead get INTO His Word of truth and understand the pure simplicity in which Christ teaches. This is what will help to keep us on the straight and narrow way and will never deceive us! Thank you, Lord, for Your perfect Word, which is full of pure simplicity and leads us out of confusion.

The true church is not a building but it is the body of Christ. ( I Corinthians 12:27)

God bless you richly,

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