If you've ever wondered about why this world is becoming so evil and you want to be alert about where this corruption is headed then you need to understand about the sinister agendas of the ILLUMINATI


Is it important for a Christian to learn about and be vigilant concerning the deceptions of the Illuminati? It seems that this is something that God wants us to take very seriously. For one thing, the Bible teaches us to be alert and vigilant because God does not want us to fall into Satan's evil traps. The Bible tells us in 1 Peter 5:8  "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour" The Bible also teaches us to gain knowledge about matters that could potentially 'destroy' us if we don't take these matters seriously. We read about this in Hosea 4:6 where it tells us "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children." The Bible also warns us to study to show ourselves approved in 2 Timothy 2:15. Since the Illuminati's agendas line up with the warnings described in the book of Revelation and other sections of the Bible, it seems that this should definitely be an area that we should study about and have a vigilant awareness of for the safety of our souls.


Understanding the schemes of the Illuminati is a very important subject even though many people do not want to take it seriously.  However, there are many people who deeply care about the way that the world has become increasingly corrupt in so many areas and they are honestly concerned about how this is affecting their family and the world.  They have done important research into this subject because they know it is something that must be looked into and taken extremely seriously. 


In order to confirm that the Illuminati is indeed real and now even has an official website, official television advertisement, official social media accounts, official books and other material then please check out the following video which explains about this. This video is narrated by a very dedicated Christian man who will walk you through the Illuminati's website step by step.  This video will help you to understand some of the basics about the Illuminati and will also give some important Christian insights and guidance into all of this.  

Learn the essential basics about the Illuminati Agenda, take a guided tour through their official website, and learn other key basic information under the guidance of a dedicated Christian in the following video:

Illuminati schemes in changing and controlling the world


The following videos are very eye-opening and helpful in understanding the satanically inspired schemes of the Illuminati controllers to progressively change and take over the world system.  The Bible refers to this system as the "Beast System" which will ultimately get taken over by a one world government led by the antichrist and a one world religion led by the false prophet.  


These videos are narrated by the Christian man Dr. Lawrence Dunegan.  In the following videos, Dr. Dunegan recalls a message given to an audience of fellow doctors by Dr. Richard Day back in 1968.  Doctor Dunegan had taken notes from this 1968 speech and later recorded what was written in these notes in 1988.  


These messages from Dr. Dunegan reveal that the "controllers" or Illuminati have been progressively changing the world which has been leading it in a dark direction through their controls over financial systems, the entertainment world, political bodies, educational systems, mainstream media, mainstream religion and other such means.  


Dr. Dunegan explains about some of the evil agendas that the controllers/Illuminati have been directing society down in order to progressively gain control and program minds through methods to "dumb-down" and weaken society.  Some of these ungodly/liberal agendas have included:

- working to feminize men

- working to masculinize ('empower') women

- promote a gay agenda

- promote immorality and sexual perversions through various forms of media and entertainment

- promote abortions

- brainwash the youth through the educational system and the entertainment industry

- promote mindless games, sports obsessions, and other mind-numbing 'entertainment'

- bring about dysfunctional marriages and families leading to high divorce rates

- promote gender confusion

- promote drugs 

- promote so many other wicked influences as shared in detail in the videos below


During the second tape of Dr. Dunegan's you will learn more about the ultimate plans of this "New Order of the Barbarians"/Illuminati controllers or as the Bible calls it - "The Beast System".  The ultimate plans are always about taking control and some of the methods to do this include:

- A new international governing body (most likely to come through the UN/United Nations)

- The use of terrorism

- Inflation as a tool of the controllers

- The use of the "Mark of the Beast' in order to make purchases and without it people will not be able to buy or sell.  

- The use of personal surveillance through cameras etc. ('Big Brother' agenda)

- A one-world religion

- promoting the god of "humanism" which will be promoted through the idea of "evolution".  (Scientists will basically see themselves as "gods" as they continue to promote "evolving minds" as they work to merge man with machine.  The coming 'mark of the beast' chip could be a way to change human DNA.  The "experts" will say it is merely "evolution" and "scientific advancement" but according to the Bible this mark will lead to the eternal destruction of countless blind souls who blindly followed the beast system instead of seriously taking heed to God's Word.)

- Psychological tactics in which those who disagree with their liberal wicked agendas will be falsely labeled as "homophobes", "xenophobes", "bigots" etc.  


Dr. Dunegan will also explain near the end of his discussions that the one way to keep ourselves safe and prevent ourselves from all this bombardment of deception is to NOT LISTEN TO IT!  Dr. Dunegan tells people to:

- GET AWAY from false religions and instead know your Bible

- GET AWAY from evil forms of entertainment through music, TV, movies, games etc.

- GET AWAY from bad forms of technology

- GET AWAY from bad influences in your life

- GET AWAY from liberal news stations and media

- GET AWAY from the liberal and corrupt teachings in our educational systems. These teachings promote humanistic psychology and the 'worship' of science and evolutionary principles. The teachings of evolution falsely claim that men merely evolved from monkeys instead of being created in the image of God in a 24 hour ("evening and morning") time span as taught in Genesis 1:26-31. To trust in the teachings of evolution over the clear teachings of the Bible is a dangerous route of unbelief and could also lead many to be more open to trusting in the antichrist's deceptions one day. The teachings of evolution are just one more lying scheme that the Illuminati has promoted to deceive and lead multitudes away from their faith in God and instead trust in deception. For more information about the dangers of the teachings of evolution please see this article on our website:  Evolution Warnings


We must turn these corrupt influences off and not believe their ungodly lies.  FLEE AND FOLLOW - (1st Timothy 6:11) "But thou, O man of God, flee these things, and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, and meekness.'

Tape 1

Tape 2

Tape 3

The following is a short video which quickly shares about 25 core beliefs and/or goals of the Illuminati's Agenda. Many of these evil goals have already been reached and a few are yet to be fulfilled.

Illuminati exposure that you can check into but please do so with utmost care

Official website:


They say things like "fear not" and "I am" which mocks God...

Official TV commercial:


Official books from the Illuminati:


Official Illuminati Facebook:


Official Illuminati Twitter:


This is the official Illuminati Eternal Pledge for their members which can be found on their website

History of the Illuminati

For anyone who is interested in understanding the history of the Illuminati and how the Illuminati fits in with the forming One World Government then the following video should be very informative to you. 

The following video will answer questions such as:

  • 1.) What does "Illuminati" mean?

  • 2.) What are these Illuminati or secret societies' "enlightened" or "illuminated"  deceptive goals and desires?

  • 3.) Were there Illuminati ever since the Garden of Eden and ancient times? (This is taught about in great detail from about 5 minutes to about 29 minutes of the video.)

  • 4.) How was the Illuminati strengthened in the 18th century? (29 minutes - 39 minutes)

  • 5.) When did the "illuminated" first officially choose to be known as the Illuminati?
     (The answer is on May 1, 1776. At this time an organization officially called themselves the Illuminati and opened its first lodge - see about 34-36 minutes of the video.)

  • 6.)How did the Illuminati super-powers of people continue to act and grow in power in the 19th century? (39 minutes - 43 minutes)

  • 7.) How did the Illuminati grow in the 20th century and how does this minority elite ruling class seek to control the masses? (43 minutes - 49 minutes)

  • 8.) What are some of the most powerful Illuminati organizations?
    (45 minutes)

  • 9.) What are some quotes from the Illuminati elite who admit to their evil Illuminati plans and goals to control the masses? (45 minutes - 49 minutes)

  • 10.) What is the Illuminati wickedly planning for the 21st century as they make their once-secret plans more and more open since the world is moving further and further away from true Christianity? (49 minutes - 1 hour and 5 minutes)

Please gain more awareness of how the Illuminati operates since they seek to control the economy, media, education system, entertainment, mainstream religion etc. in order to get control of people's minds and beliefs. This all leads to the ease of controlling people through the fast forming One World Government and eliminating the truths of God's teachings.  

The obvious and blatantly clear symbolism which exposes the fact that the celebrity world is deeply entrenched into the Illuminati and seeking to lead their fans down the same path of corruption


It is hard to believe that some people are still blind to the fact that the Illuminati exists even after they have seen the undeniably clear evidence. Some people even refuse to accept the reality that the great multitude of celebrity "all seeing eye" symbols and "Illuminati pyramid" symbols have any significant meaning. There are some who will say that even if the Illuminati does exist that it must be very puny and not very powerful. It is shocking to hear people say such naive things like this especially when most of the famous celebrities, who have massive influence over their fans, have made some sort of Illuminati symbolism with their hands. These music, movie, and sports celebrities have a vast amount of power to sway billions of people to their degenerate belief systems. If you are not aware of most celebrities making these hand symbols, then please check out the big array of pictures below.


Not only do celebrities have the great power to sway people to like their music or movies, but they also have a lot of power to sway people to agree with their liberal-minded political and social beliefs that normally support the atrocities of abortion, sodomy, and other godless agendas. The best advice would be to stop listening to these performers (if you do so) and to rid your home of their movies, music, books, etc.  There are many other godly alternatives to music and movies especially from past decades that will edify you and keep you focused on God and walking on the narrow road with Him.

These celebrities are all making the "666" symbol over one of their eyes.

These celebrities are all making the "all seeing eye" Illuminati symbol by covering one of their eyes.

The Illuminati symbolism is even sadly portrayed in children's cartoon programs!

The Illuminati pyramid symbol was displayed by Hitler and it is also being proudly and openly displayed by various well known celebrities and TV show characters.


Here we see how "Star Wars" supports the Illuminati agenda as the stars/puppets cover one of their eyes.

In the following video, you can read pages out of an Illuminati manual which further exposes the Illuminati and their goals

The narrator of the video wishes to expose the corruption of the Illuminati through his Christian video, but he also warns us not to study these matters excessively. It is good to have an awareness of their existence and of their sinister plans so that we can be alert and prepared for what is to come, but we can have full faith that God is ultimately in control. God allows these things to occur to test people's hearts, but He is the one who ultimately is all powerful and lovingly guides over His faithful servants.


Message by Laura Butler and F.A. Butler

Stay alert and vigilant!

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