Tithing in the Bible: Did Jesus Teach Tithing? – Matthew 23:23 & Luke 11:42

There is only one real area in the New Testament that might give the impression that Jesus taught tithing as we read about in Matthew 23:23 (and parallel passage Luke 11:42). Many modern-day religious teachers who believe in tithing use this verse as the main verse to encourage their tithing belief toward others. However, a closer examination of this verse shows us the true meaning of this scripture. For clarification about what this scripture really means please read the following helpful article:



Videos that expose the Deceptions of Tithing and Share about the Merchandising of the Church

The woman who shares this video has an entire YouTube channel devoted to the subject of why modern day tithing is a hoax. The name of her YouTube channel is "TheTithingHoax" in case you would like to study her teachings further.

The Misapplication of the Tithe

Who are the Actual ROBBERS of GOD?

The Merchandising of the Church

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