From Trouble to TRIUMPH!

As Christians, we have been tried, tested, and been through times when we may have doubted our faith and even given into the enemy. At times we recall these difficult situations and feel like we've failed our God which gives us feelings of misery. But God does NOT want us to feel defeated but wants us to feel TRIUMPH through Him! If you have ever felt like this do NOT give up hope but CLAIM your VICTORY as you trust in God! For a message of triumphant encouragement and hope, please watch the following video which will lift your spirit and keep you walking on the path of victory. 

Prophetic vision: the enemy is returning what he stole! (This is the written form of the above video which comes from the Shelly L. YouTube channel)


I wanted to share with all of you a vision that I had last night. It is pretty basic and simple. In the vision, I saw the enemy reach into his pocket and pull out a crown and he just flung it up in the air. Then he stuck his hand back into his pocket and took out multiple crowns and then he flung them and threw them. I saw the crowns just swirling in the air. I didn’t know how many crowns there were but knew that there were a lot of them. On the crowns, I also saw jewels that started forming on the crowns. The jewels were gemstones of rubies, diamonds, and other beautiful gems that formed on the crowns. Right after I saw that, I saw a wheat field and the wheat was blowing back and forth in the field. This is a pretty straightforward and self-explanatory vision.


I have been meditating on this vision all day and what I felt the Holy Spirit focus strongly on were the verses of Proverbs 6:30-31 where it talks about the thief being caught and that he must return what he stole seven-fold. I know that there are so many of us who are on this same journey of understanding about what the enemy has done to us. There was maybe a time back in our youth or previous years where we did not obey God fully. We were negotiating, we were running, we were going our own way and doing our own thing. But God pulled us back in. This has now been our training time, preparation time, pruning time, and sifting time in which God has been teaching us, training us, and making us warriors in the secret place. He has been building us up and showing us who we are because we belong to Him.


Since we know we belong to God, we, therefore, know our worth in God and we know our identity. We have been interceding, praying, and staying in the Lord. We really want our inheritance and want to step into the Land of Promise. We want what Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had. We want our own promised land and our portion, and we want what God has ordained for us! We want what God wrote about in heaven when God made us! We desire His good and perfect will for our lives. We believe that we are kings and queens and that we are the royal priesthood who should be ruling and reigning with Christ!


Despite our desire for all of these riches we should have through God, I feel like the enemy came and stole all of these things from us in the past. We were disobedient and didn’t do what we were supposed to do since we didn’t wait on God. Therefore, all of these riches and blessings were stolen from us by the enemy. The enemy had legal access to steal them because we allowed him since we did things that we weren’t supposed to do whether it was sin, disobedience, doubt, lack of faith, or whatever it was and thus the enemy stole many things from us. The enemy may have stolen things like our money, finances, destiny, relationships, careers, and lots of other things. This happened in my own life and I have been contending and interceding for these things for the past two years as I asked God to please give me my “land” back and my “territory” back. I can pray these things confidently because I’m back with God walking in the Truth and in the Light and I know that I am fully consecrated to the Lord.


I feel like there is a remnant of people out there right now who are just like me. I believe there is a group of people and they know that they share this very similar story and background as I have just described. These people are at the point where they’re saying “Lord, I’m fully devoted to You, I’m committed to You. I have been doing Kingdom work and I want to fulfill my destiny!” We are the people who are in this place of waiting to step into the promises of God. We are waiting to get that inheritance just like the patriarchs of old.


The point of all of this is that I felt like the Lord was saying through my vision that in this season and in this hour that the enemy is now reaching back into his pockets and he is taking out what he stole from you. He is also restoring the blessings he stole from you seven-fold. I think for me, that one of the big things is the inheritance and the whole feeling of being God’s daughter, of being royalty, and of taking my rightful place as reigning beside Jesus Christ since we’re to be seated in heavenly places with Jesus. To me, this also means having finances and not having to worry about money. If your Dad is a King, you should not have to be suffering financially. You should not have any type of lack or be sick. Things should be in your life on earth for the most part as it is in heaven.


So this is what I feel God has been telling me. God seems to be saying that there is this life where we will rule and reign with Him. God is saying that when we are in covenant with Him that there is now a different new life. God is also saying that NOW these crowns are YOURS and that YOU are royalty since you are His own daughter or son. God is telling us that the enemy is now having to GIVE BACK everything that he stole. He has to give these things back since he has been caught and we now realize what he did and realize that he stole from us and lied to us. We are not to be stolen from and lied to by the enemy any longer because we’ve been tested and we’ve shown proof that we’ve gotten things right by fully repenting and consecrating ourselves fully to God! God has been allowing us to be tested and tried to prove our love and loyalty to Him!


Now finally the sifting process is over and God is saying that you have come to that place where He is going to reward you, bless you, and raise you up! In the same way that God allowed Joseph to get out of prison, God is also allowing each of us to get out of prison and we are about to become rulers over much! That is coming right now in this season! God is doing it and TURNING it and working things in your favor. You are going to get your ground, get your royalty, and get your rightful position. He is right now positioning you for His Kingdom work and for your next assignment. He is elevating you and promoting you!


Now I wish to address the part of my vision that concerns the wheat in the wheat field. I really felt that Joel 2:21 and onward applies to this. Joel 2:21 and onward tells us:

“Fear not oh land; be glad and rejoice for the LORD will do great things. Be not afraid you beasts of the field; for the open pastures are springing up and the tree bears its fruit; the fig tree and the vine yield their strength. Be glad then you children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God; for He has given you the former rain faithfully, and He will cause the rain to come down for you – the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month. The threshing floors shall be full of WHEAT and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil. And I will restore to you the years that the locusts have eaten – the crawling locust, the consuming locust, and the chewing locust – My great army that I sent among you. You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied and praise the name of the LORD your God who has dealt wondrously with you, and My people shall never be put to shame.”


So I just felt like the Lord wanted me to come on here and tell you that you are taking back every last thing that the enemy stole. Not only that, but you’re getting the seven-fold recompense just like Proverbs says you would in God’s Word. God is now restoring everything and He is going to set you up and raise you up. People in the world are going to know that you are His child! God bless you!



Keep walking in victory!

SeriousForTruth Ministry