12 Steps to Serenity and True Reconciliation with God


Introduction: These steps are a paraphrased version taken from the ever wise AA principles. These are teachings that I have always loved, respected, and deeply admired usually far above the great majority of church teachings since the 12 steps are closer to the teachings truly taught by Christ.


To me, AA is one of the closest things I've ever seen to a 'true church' since it has helped to bring about true spiritual changes in countless people's lives and real regeneration of character. The teachings are based on biblical principles as well which are life changing.  


The reason AA helps people is that it encourages openness and honesty in making people truly examine their lives and help people realize the need to change. The other reason AA helps people is that they speak the truth in love and not in ways of harsh condemnation. AA reaches out to those who thirst for truth in the same way that Jesus reached out to people who would listen. We may not all struggle with overcoming the problem of alcoholism, but we do all struggle with our own unique problems. We are all in the same exact boat and no person is 'better' than the next for we all need salvation through Jesus Christ. The only difference is that some people choose to be courageous and conquer their problems and face themselves honestly, while others choose to wear a mask and hide from the truth as they continue in their empty, darkened lives. Being open to the divine influence of God's grace that teaches all men to turn from themselves and now have their lives filled with the purity and honesty of Christ is 'The Way'.


This is dedicated to all of the men and women who are not afraid to face themselves honestly and come to the truth.

1. We became honest with ourselves and admitted that our lives needed to change.

We became honest with ourselves and admitted that something was very wrong with our lives. All of our self-seeking for money/material gain, pleasures, status, and popularity left us with no true meaning in life. We would often pretend that our lives were clean and upright outwardly by doing things like going to church, doing good deeds, and even acting kind, but inwardly our lives were truly empty and shameful in countless ways. (Ezekiel 33:31-32, Matt. 23:23-28, Matt. 15:4-20)


We knew that God in His grace had been drawing us to Himself for we were feeling true shame about our lives and truly desired to be honest and come clean. We knew that all of our pursuits that centered basically around pleasing ourselves and pursuing our own gain would also arouse various other negative behaviors in our lives such as greed, jealousy, pride, cheating, lying, immorality, crude language, evil thoughts, gossip, anger, addictions, drunkenness, 'secret sins', taking pleasure in lewd music/movies/clothes etc. We realized that our lives truly centered around ourselves and our own passions and desires. We were tired of these ways and desired to truly change our direction.

2. We came to believe that only God could change our lives.

We had all been to countless churches. We realized that even though the people were often friendly and good deeds were done there, we also knew there was normally something very very wrong. We were normally not being spiritually fed and our lives were not really changing. Many times church felt more like a religious obligation or a social function rather than a place to truly be honest and come clean about our lives. We'd normally leave church feeling just as empty, confused and unchanged about our lives as when we entered. We did not want to go to church merely for the sake of appearing 'religious', but rather we wanted to go because we were seeking the truth, answers, and a new direction in life. Yet normally we were only finding more confusion and no solid changes.


We knew most people in the churches were just like us and living 'double-lives' by acting very upright and respectable inside the church, but once outside the church doors we'd go right back to self-indulgence, and pleasing our darkened hearts. (Isaiah 29:13) Statistics have shown that people who go to church suffer equally with those who don't go to church as far as marital problems, divorce, abuse, various addictions etc. We know the Bible warns of the great 'falling away' where most will fall away from following the truth and from truly following Christ, to instead following lies. (2 Thess. 2:1-3, 2 Timothy 3:13, Matt. 24:4-5 and vs. 11, 2 Timothy 4:3, 2 Thess. 2:9-12) We desired to find true spiritual peace of mind and true healing for our empty souls. We weren't finding this in churches to a large degree and knew that mere religious duties and religious works could not change us or make us right with God. We came to believe that churches weren't reliable overall but that only God could change us and fill our empty lives and remove our darkened hearts.

3. We made a decision that we needed to fully turn our will and lives over to the care of God.

All people fill their lives with something they love. Most will choose to fill their lives by seeking all sorts of ways to please themselves such as loving money, pleasures, lusts, power, popularity, status, entertainments etc. All of these self-motivated loves then normally lead to further problems such as greed, jealousy, anger, addictions etc. When we seek and love the things of this world and self-interests more than we seek and love the things of God this is called idolatry or having other gods before our love for God. These things consume our thoughts, hearts, and passions. These things make us center our lives around them and push God further and further away. We may 'pretend' to know God by going to church etc, but we have no true relationship with God and no desire to truly serve Him and seek Him above all else in life.


In the meantime, God in His grace and mercy is persistently trying to help us and draw us to Himself as He knocks on the door of our heart in His patience and great love for us. (Rev. 3:20) The Bible teaches that the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men (Titus 2:11-12) for God desires in His love for everyone to inherit eternal life in heaven and wants no one to perish. (2 Peter 3:9) God desires for all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. (1 Tim. 2:4) He is not partial, but offers eternal life to all! God wants no one to go to hell and does everything He can in His love to keep us from going there. People alone send themselves to hell by persistently rejecting Him and living for their own desires as they close their ears and harden their hearts like rebellious 'goats' to His perfect truths. (Romans 2:4-16, Matt. 25:46) 


God does not force us to follow Him. If we choose to heed His gracious divine influence on our lives by sincerely following Him we will know a wonderful peaceful relationship with Him and will inherit eternal life, but if we choose to ignore His gracious divine influence time after time and live for our own desires and continue to sin we have no desire to know God and these willfully choose the path to everlasting punishment (Matt. 25:46). We realized that we had gone our own way and ignored a long-suffering, patient, holy God and chose our own dark paths by following our own desires instead of seeking to truly follow the Lord. We knew we didn't want to be the 'captains' of our lives any longer, but that we wanted to completely turn our wills and lives over to the care of God.

4. We honestly, searchingly, and fearlessly made a complete moral inventory of our lives.

We came to realize that all of God's commands were perfect and just, but that we had greatly violated them. God's commands are for our good since He greatly loves us and if followed, they lead to a perfect and peaceful world, but when they are broken they lead to a perverted and violent world where every form of evil and problem abound. The world hasn't become a dark, cold, wicked, and violent place because of anything God did. In fact, God has been the only source of Light, sanity, and hope to exist here. The world became this way because of mankind's rebelliousness and refusal to love goodness, justice, truth, and Light.


We knew that we had contributed to the world's dark condition. We knew that we had allowed ourselves to love this evil world instead of loving our caring God and following His perfect commands. Instead of hating and despising lewdness, we have exalted it and admired all the lewd music, clothes, actresses, movies, websites, magazines, books, video games, soap operas etc. This is evident since the world is cluttered with this and people buy it up and fill their time and minds with it. All this has led to every type of lust and evil desire imaginable such as adultery, countless broken marriages, torn families, immorality, and homosexuality abounding. It has led to sex outside of marriage which has led to countless innocent unborn babies being killed, rampant diseases etc.


We have loved drunkenness and gambling which have shattered lives in countless ways. We have cursed, hurt, and had fits of anger. We've lusted after money, pleasures, power, and self-glory and were willing to lie, cheat, and steal to get there. We have even perverted young children's innocent minds with shameful sights and thoughts as well. Sadly our world has truly become as deplorable as the descriptions revealed in Romans 1:20-32 and in 2 Timothy 3:1-9.


How can our perfect, holy, loving God not be immensely burdened by all this wickedness? How can He not be grieved by all the pain and turmoil it has caused? How much longer can the world avoid the great wrath it so greatly deserves as God continues to mercifully restrain it since He desires men to simply and sincerely turn to Him and repent? We knew we needed to take a strong stand boldly against these torrents of shame and take a true, honest, fearless, moral inventory of our lives. We honestly examined ourselves completely and thought about all of the ways we had caused pain, turmoil, and shame in our lives that brought dishonor and disgrace to God, ourselves, others, and the world at large.

5. We came humbly broken and remorseful before God in true heartfelt repentance.

We looked carefully and honestly at our lives and realized that even though we may have been a regular church member and did good deeds that we definitely were not Christians according to the Word of God. We knew we weren't truly following Christ and His perfect word and perfect commands. We had loved so many things that God despised for those things have turned His beautiful glorious world into a world overflowing with wickedness and pain. We have also placed other 'loves'/gods/idols before Him and worshiped or esteemed our own pleasures, material desires, personal interests, cares, and goals above spending time getting to know Him and esteeming Him above all.


We decided that we needed to stop believing lies and needed to stop calling ourselves Christians if we still chose to love and follow this shameful world and love for ourselves over having true love for God. Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice and follow Him. Jesus said 'Why do you call me Lord if you don't keep My commands?' It was time to stop playing games with God and time to end our lives of hypocrisy and shame and instead come clean and honest before Him.


God said that He is not interested in our futile sacrifices such as circumcision, water baptism, church attendance, religious rituals etc. These things mean nothing to God and are even an abomination to God if our lives are still focused on ourselves and various shameful ways. God said that the sacrifice He is interested in is a broken spirit and a contrite heart. (Psalm 51:17) We were so sick of our dark hearts and dead lives. We longed to open the door of our heart to God and longed for a true, honest, fatherly relationship with Him. (Rev. 3:10)


With all the sincerity of our heart, we came broken before God and knelt before God in prayer. We honestly admitted all the shame of our lives. We honestly poured out to God the exact nature of all our wrongs in true heartfelt repentance. We told God that we were worn out and sick of all our wrong doings and just wanted to leave it all behind and turn from our wretched lives and wicked ways. We told the Lord that we just wanted to stop playing games and to sincerely live to bring honor and glory to Him for all our days, and love Him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength instead of for our futile desires. We knew that if we truly prayed this from the heart that God truly listened for He only hears when we're sincere and honest. Only then will He open His ears to our prayers.

6. We admitted to God that we were in dire need of forgiveness.

After truly examining our lives and honestly admitting to God all of our wrongdoings, we could finally see how truly wretched, miserable and blind our lives had truly been. We realized that if we would have lived in Jesus' day that we would have treated Him in the same way as described in Isaiah 53 where it tells us that Jesus was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He was grieved as we hid our faces from Him and despised Him and did not esteem Him since we wanted to live our own lives instead of listening to His wise words of care. Yet despite this, He still bore our griefs, carried our sorrows and was wounded for our transgressions. Jesus did nothing to deserve His stripes and punishment, but He endured it for our peace and for our healing. We all lived in accordance to our own lusts and desires, and instead of God punishing us for our wretched lives, the Lord laid on Jesus the punishment we deserved. He was oppressed and afflicted, yet He didn't open His mouth but instead willingly was led like a lamb to the slaughter and willingly went to the cross and bore the punishment for our sins.


We finally realized that we didn't in any way deserve the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. All we ever gave to Jesus was grief, shame, and sorrow as we blasphemed His holy name and lived as we pleased. Yet despite this, Jesus humbly laid down His life and offered us hope, peace, and full pardon if we'd only turn from our old ways of loving self and shame, and instead walk in newness of life by sincerely following Him. We humbly knelt before Him and told the Lord that we didn't in any way deserve His forgiveness, but we begged that He might somehow forgive us and that He might have mercy on our wretched, blind, miserable souls.

7. We humbly and sincerely asked God in faith to come in and take over our lives

We had had enough of being in control of our lives and were entirely ready to have God take complete control of our lives. We were ready to stop placing our faith in man-made doctrines, creeds, religious rituals, church traditions and various other mere 'forms of godliness' that did virtually nothing to truly change our lives. We instead desired to have a living, true faith that transformed our lives and removed all of the old dark selfish ways of our lives, and made us entirely new with new desires, passions, goals, missions, and priorities!


We know that faith is not just mere 'belief' for as the Bible teaches, even the devils/demons believe and tremble. (James 2:19) That type of faith is merely a 'dead faith', that only believes and has no transforming power. A true living saving faith is one that crucifies the 'old man' that only lived for self and the desires of the flesh (Gal. 5:25), and lets in the new man of Jesus to come in and take over our lives and transform our lives so that we walk in newness of life  - not after the flesh, but after the Spirit!


We humbly asked God in faith to come in and take over our lives. We asked God in faith to remove our wicked, stony, proud, rebellious hearts and to replace them with pure, childlike, loving, sensitive, hearts that love ways of justice, mercy, truth, and obedience. We humbly asked in faith for Jesus to be the loving Savior and Lord of our lives. We told God that we no longer want to be the master of our lives, but that we only want Him to be the Master and Lord of our lives, and that we only want to live to sincerely follow Him and walk with Him from now on. We know that God does hear the prayers of a righteous, sincere heart. (Proverbs 15:29)

8. We made a complete examination of our lives so as to amend all of our ways.

We knew that now was the time to put true faith into action! We are told in the Bible to examine our lives to make sure we are in the faith. (2 Corinthians 13:5) A true faith has power and transforms our lives and makes them spiritually brand new! It's an exciting new adventure and purposeful journey from here on out if we continue to follow Christ and walk in faith with Him. God can work great miracles and wonders through the lives of those who submit to Him! However, we must be warned that if we don't have a life transforming faith where Jesus rules in our lives, then the Bible warns us not to be deceived for the Bible tells us in Galatians 6:7-8 that God will not be mocked and that those who sow to the Spirit will reap everlasting life, but that those who sow to the flesh will reap destruction.


The first thing we must realize is that true saving faith and repentance is proven by deeds and by a truly changed new life. All becomes brand new! (2 Corinthians 5:17) If we look at truly transformed lives, we see some zealous fervent changes occur in them. As we read in 2 Corinthians 7:9-11, true heartfelt repentance inspires true diligence to change, true clearing of wrongdoings, true hatred for our past behaviors, a true fear of God, and a strong zealous desire to become clear of shame and instead to have a purity of heart! The type of attitude truly repentant believers have toward sin is the same attitude as described in Acts 19:19. Here we read that many who feared God came confessing their sins and they brought their sorcery books and burned them in the sight of all. These people did not care about the monetary cost, rather all that they wanted was to be rid of all things related to sin in their lives out of deep hatred for sin and out of sincere love for God! True believers will strongly desire to do this and will gather up all of their lewd clothes, pornography, occult materials, and anything shameful in nature or related to soul-killing addictions and destroy them as a sign of true heartfelt repentance. This serious stand shows that we are honestly submitted to God and have a sincere pure love for Him. As David Wilkerson once said: "You are not truly baptized in the Holy Spirit until every hidden part of your soul has been exposed, and every sin confessed and forsaken."


If we rid ourselves of all of our past shameful ways we can have full confidence that Jesus' cleansing blood has washed away all of our past sins and shame and that we are seen as white as snow before Him so that we might know full peace, reconciliation, and serenity with God! (see Isaiah 1:16-18) But, if these things are not done, and we realize that we are knowingly holding onto some form of sin in our lives or idolatry that we love more than God, then we need to strongly question if we are in the faith. The Bible tells us that people such as this do not have true godly sorrow that results in true repentance but only have the sorrow of the world (based on mere emotion and intellect) which only leads to false repentance. (2 Corinthians 7:10) God tells us specifically to rid ourselves of all evil from His sight, and to get a new heart and new spirit, and to rid ourselves of our double-minded ways. (Ezekiel 18:31-32, James 4:8-10) When we truly come clean about ourselves before God, then God gives His Holy Spirit to all who truly obey Him! (Acts 5:32)


For true Christians, all of the desires of sin and self that once filled our hearts and minds will be replaced with new loves, desires, and passions! Instead of living to love, glorify, and esteem self, the world, and darkness, we now live to love, glorify, and esteem God, His Kingdom, and shine His pure Light! The people who listen to God's voice and commands and sincerely commit to following Him in true obedience are referred to in the Bible as God's children and also as His elect and chosen.

9. We made amends to all people we had harmed.

We made a list of all people we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all except for when to do so would somehow injure them or others. When we look at the lives of people in the Bible who had sincerely repented, we not only see that they fervently gave up all known sin in their lives with great zealousness, but we also see where they had an entirely new attitude toward their fellow man. They now had an attitude of true honesty, integrity, and mercy toward others. Before they came broken before God in true heartfelt repentance, they had committed evil deeds that hurt others such as swindling for dishonest gain, cheating on their spouses through adulterous affairs, having abusive language and ways toward others, hatred, and jealousy living in their hearts toward others etc. However, after their conversions, they showed a truly new love and attitude for others and made amends to all they had harmed in the past as a sign of love and sincere repentance.


One example was Zacchaeus. We see that after Zacchaeus' true repentance and conversion that he repaid all those he had swindled from and even gave them extra money to show his sincere sorrow for what he had done. Another example is the adulterous woman who humbled herself before Jesus in obedience when He told her to 'sin no more.'


We will also do kind deeds and selfless acts of kindness toward others as God always does for us. We wanted to give clothes, money, food etc to those in true need. We longed to offer kindness, and a helpful hand to our neighbor. We wanted to treat others as we wanted to be treated. We wanted to do what we could to help people spiritually, emotionally, and physically and be a dependable source of kindness, love, and helpfulness; to reach out in their sorrow and be a truly caring friend.

10. We continue to carefully examine our lives on a daily basis, and when we are wrong we promptly admit it.

There are many things in life that can influence us in a negative way and turn a once pure loving heart right back into a deceptive cold heart if we're not careful to walk steadfastly with God. God would never leave us, but we do have the potential of leaving Him by going our own way and leaving the straight and narrow path. This is why the Bible ever so strongly warns us to examine ourselves to make sure we're in the faith and to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. We must remember that the Bible teaches that only those who endure to the end in following Christ, and who overcome will inherit eternal life. Salvation is not simply a single-moment event, rather salvation is something that is reaped at the end of our lives only by those who continue to sow to the Spirit and not to the flesh as they continue to walk steadfastly with God. (Galatians 6:7-9 and Romans chap.8) We must remember that God will not be mocked. God gives His Holy Spirit to all who truly obey Him, (Acts 5:32) and if we walk in the Spirit, God gives us the power to overcome temptation and to instead walk in His goodness, purity, and truth.


We must guard our hearts closely and be vigilant. Jesus told us to be as wise as serpents in a world of wolves for sometimes something that seems harmless and innocent might eventually wind up leading our hearts from the perfect things of God and turn them back to loving selfish desires and sinful passions. We must take great caution to not let our hearts get enticed by the world's temporary illusions or get drawn into them, but instead, keep our hearts and minds focused on all the lasting joys and true pleasures of living for God. The Bible warns us to flee youthful lusts (2 Timothy 2:22, including all books, magazines, music, clothes, 'friends', etc that could entice this), to flee idolatry (1 Corinthians 10:14, which is anything in our heart such as pleasures, status, money etc that we come to love and focus on more than God for these will steer our hearts from God), to flee sexual immorality (1 Corinthians 6:18), and to flee greed (for although money itself is not evil and can be exceedingly beneficial for helping others, yet the love of money/greed is the root of all kinds of evil.) Jesus also warned us that even those who say 'You fool!' are in danger of hell fire for abusive words such as this can lead to more abusive words and harden men's hearts, and lead to greater sin if not stopped quickly. We must not grieve the Spirit but instead flee from all forms of evil for if we don't we could soon quench the Spirit completely.


We know there is a sure remedy to complete peace, security, and joy with God, and this remedy is to abide and submit entirely to Him each day! This is how we stay on the straight and narrow path to our wonderful heavenly home! Also, we need to examine ourselves daily for even the slightest unkind thought or word, and when we are wrong we need to humbly and promptly admit it since we don't want it to grow, but rather for it to stop dead in its tracks.


True Christians treasure their relationship with God above all else in life and want to maintain that loving intimate relationship with Him, so they will avoid sin at all costs since they know that sin only leads to separation from God. (Isaiah 59:2, James 1:14-15) The Bible tells us that true Christians cannot commit sin (1 John 3:9) which means that they cannot walk in a way that is contrary to God's commands for to do so would be like trampling on Jesus' sacrifice and insulting the Spirit of Grace that saved them. (Hebrews 10:26-31) We love the Lord with all our heart and never want to grieve Him but only love and obey Him from the heart.


God would never turn from us, but there is the possibility that we could turn away from following Him. If a once saved person does fall into sin, God will be grieved and chastise him and work to bring him back to the straight and narrow path. But to those who refuse His discipline and don't turn back from their dark path, these will not inherit the Kingdom of God for they have chosen to turn away from God. The Bible tells us not to be deceived for those who return to sinful ways will not inherit His Kingdom. (Rev. 21:8, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Galatians 5:19-21 etc) But we must always remember that our God is a God of love and mercy who desires for no one to perish, and He shows His mercy on those who come to Him with a truly repentant heart; God greatly desires for us to RETURN to Him if we have fallen away and He joyfully welcomes the truly repentant back. (see Parable of the Prodigal Son) We as Christians must show this same mercy in helping the fallen to return back to the straight and narrow path as well. (James 5:19-20) Jesus said that we will know true Christians by their fruits. Plus those who SAY they are His yet walk in darkness lie and do not live by the truth. (1 John 1:6) Rather God's children walk in the Light.


We need to daily put on the armor of God, submit to His gracious influence, walk in the Spirit, and promptly admit/confess any faults so as to keep a clear clean conscience with God. It is also important to humbly obey and daily examine our hearts and minds to make sure they are submitted fully to God. These ways will help us continue to know perfect rest and security for our souls and true joy and happiness in the Lord. These ways will also keep us on the straight and narrow path and from falling away as we are commanded to be prepared and to strive to enter through the narrow gate. (Matt. 7:13-14)

11. We seek God daily through prayer, meditation, His Word, and heeding to the Holy Spirit. We pray for the knowledge of God's will for us and for the power to carry that out.

To a true Christian, nothing is more exciting than growing in the Lord! We want to soak up knowledge of His Word like a sponge. We thirst for it in the same way that a babe thirsts for milk! (1 Peter 2:2) It is exceedingly important to dig deep into God's Word and cherish it with great passion. God's Word will fill you with hope, mission, understanding, wisdom, discernment, joy, and peace!


God's word is mighty like a two-edged sword and will empower us against the torrents of lies and evil influences we face each day. Jesus told us to be as wise as serpents in a world of wolves. We will grow wise and discerning if we grow in God's Word and will be able to crush the enemy and ocean of lies. We will grow into soldiers of truth who will bring God's light to the darkness. But we must be exceedingly careful of men who twist God's Word and water it down. These men have been brainwashed by the deceits of men and lust for power. We must know the Word which can slash through lies and cut to the truth and bring men to the Light of God!


The second exceedingly important area we must focus on is prayer and meditation. The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17) If we truly love God we will 'pray without ceasing' for our love for God will fill our hearts and minds and out of our hearts will flow 'rivers of living water' of truth and love for Him! Prayer is simply communication with God and when we pray inside our hearts we are abiding in the Lord and sharing our every care and concern with Him. Prayer bonds us, builds us, and strengthens us in our relationship with God and keeps us focused on what truly matters and keeps us away from negative influences. Meditation on God and His Word will keep us pure for as David wrote in Psalms 119:9-16 "How can a young man keep his way pure? By taking heed according to Your Word...I will meditate on Your precepts and contemplate Your ways. I will delight myself in Your statutes and not forget Your word." Prayer and meditation go hand in hand and are extremely necessary for a healthy spiritual walk and will keep our minds set on things above!


A third important area is to follow the Holy Spirit's leading always. The Bible tells us that true believers walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. (Romans chapter 8 is about this as well as many other areas.) It also tells us to walk in the Spirit and then we won't fulfill the lusts of the flesh. We can know complete confidence in our spiritual walk when our focus is on obeying and following the Spirit's leading always in our lives. We seek complete reliance on God for the power from Him to carry out His will day by day and to continue to overcome sin and all wrongdoing through the power of the Spirit living in our hearts.


A fourth important area is that we need to choose our friends wisely. Our true family is our brothers and sisters in Christ who love the Lord in all sincerity of heart and who obey Him in purity and truth. When you meet people with this 'like mind' of unity, you will know an instant bond and connection and feel like they are your true brother and sister, for you will share the same loves and desires. Your hearts and minds and spirits will connect. We need to connect ourselves with a 'spiritual family' like this for we need to know people who will encourage, love, strengthen, and help us focus on God above focusing on this world. We also need to stay away from people who try to tempt us and bring us down spiritually and lead us astray. Instead, we need to choose friends who show true love and wisdom, and who encourage and strengthen us to stay on the straight and narrow road and in the love of Christ.


These are all important ways to help keep us on the straight and narrow path and from straying or falling away so that we'll be prepared and ready when it comes our time to meet the Lord as His pure and spotless Bride!

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps of God's miraculous grace working in our lives, we know the great need commanded to us by Christ to carry this message of truth and hope to other thirsting souls! We practice these principles in all our daily affairs.

We know how these steps of God's grace have made a true and amazing change in our lives, so we also strive to seek ways to earnestly share this Good News of God's hope to those who hunger and thirst for peace and true reconciliation with God. The Bible teaches that God resists the proud, but that He gives grace to the humble. God in His grace has shown us His truths, convicted our hearts, and brought us to our knees as we humbly admitted that we don't want to rule over our lives any longer, but only long for Him to take full control and be the Lord of our lives. It is only because of His grace that He's opened our eyes to see that we're nothing without Him and He's given us the desire and power to do His will. Not only do we teach this Good News of God's grace, but we also warn others concerning those who pervert God's grace into a license to sin as warned of in Jude 3,4. for many are not teaching the truth about grace as revealed in Titus 2:11-14.


Because of this work that God has done in our lives, we long for others to know of this true life change He can bring to them as well. We use our own unique God given talents to seek ways to reach out in love to those who hunger and thirst for a brand new cleansed life and a meaningful relationship with God. We live to remember and practice these principles in all of our daily affairs.



"Those who are brave will go against the stream if they think they are right. God has often used radicals who to themselves seemed like they were just doing what they knew was right." ~Sauder


"You  can begin to be set free from self if you want to be"  ~Roloson


Article by F. A. Butler

God bless you richly,

SeriousForTruth Ministry