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The owners of this website rarely watch or own the "popular" movies designed for adult viewers in our day. We do own a few movies for adults that have pure values, but we feel that the majority of these movies for adults typically want to promote immorality, vulgar language, and other inappropriate content that Christians should not defend or promote. If a person claims to be a Christian and yet views movies that are primarily about horror, sexual immorality, sorcery/witchcraft, lewdness, or that contain extreme vulgar language or other unholy material then they should question if they are truly a Christian since born-again believers are to repent and turn away from all forms of evil. 


The following adult movie reviews come from various Christian YouTube channels. These movies are not really known for promoting immorality or other unChristian values. However, these movies do promote various agendas that people should be aware of. These agendas tend to be recurring themes in various movies and the following Christian YouTube channels have made videos about them in order to expose some of these agendas. 


"Transcendence" Movie Review

This YouTube channel shared the following about the 'Transcendence' movie: "Transcendence that stars Johnny Depp is so FULL of Illuminati transhumanism propaganda it's ridiculous! This movie is all about the coming singularity when man and machines merge. The elite are trying to achieve godhood through science and technology. This movie is their first major attempt at brainwashing the masses to accept this technological consciousness shift. In this video, I expose the Illuminati transhumanist agenda hidden in plain sight in Transcendence."

"The Hunger Games" Movie Review

This YouTube channel shares the following about 'The Hunger Games': "The Hunger Games is yet another blockbuster movie series being used by the elite to brainwash the masses. In this video, I expose how these movies are preparing people for the coming NWO and also how yet again the truth is hidden in plain sight for all to see."

"Arrival" Movie Review

This YouTube channel shares the following about this movie: "The alien programming has been ramped up as of late, with many movies depicting the "arrival" of alien beings from another world. Are we being prepared for the biggest deception the world has ever seen? This is none other than the Vatican, the Luciferian elite & Satan's minions preparing the way for the false messiah to show up. If you don't know Yeshua/Jesus & study His Word, please start seeking Him TODAY!"

"Lucy" Movie Review

This YouTube channel shared the following about this movie titled "Lucy" - "A look at the film LUCY and all of its esoteric influences from transhumanism, apotheosis, the singularity, and the Luciferian philosophy that has been a part of secret societies and the mystery schools for centuries."

"Tomorrowland" Movie Review

This YouTube channel shares the following about this movie: "Decided that I had to do something talking about all the symbolism messaging I found in the Disney Movie "Tomorrowland", such as the blatant promotion of the whole "Breakaway civilization" concept along with the "Secret Space program" idea, the glorification of the Occult, A.I. technology, interdimensional travel, etc., etc... (basically all the stuff I've been talking about in my previous vids, all rolled into one movie that acts like a veritable sermon for the Luciferian New World Order."

"Tomorrowland" Movie Review

This is a second review from another Christian YouTube channel concerning the movie 'Tomorrowland.'

"Jurassic World" Movie Review

This YouTube channel shares: "The new Jurassic World movie looks like it will be another way to promote the Illuminati scientific agenda to become God/creators. In this video, we examine this plot to be like God."

"The Space Between Us" Movie Review

This YouTube shares the following concerning this movie: "Do you believe in “outer space”? Whether you do or you don’t, the Luciferian establishment definitely wants you too! It’s because there’s an agenda in play, a plan to control the world & enslave you into their system. One way to accomplish this goal is to promote lies as if it’s truth. NASA & mainstream (or LAMEstream) science, along with much of the education system, is doing just that. In partnership with Hollywood, the general public is being fed the biggest lies in order to usher in the great deception that is surely coming. Please don’t believe this video on it’s own but research & investigate these things for yourself. The intent here is not to convince but to provoke thought in people, to get people to question what we’ve been taught all of our lives."

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