God calls His children to build a Ministry that serves Him


This is just a quick message to encourage all of God's children to get involved in some form of ministry. God even gives His true followers the honorable titles of priests and kings (Rev. 1:6, Rev. 5:10) because we are God's genuinely faithful priests who are called to minister to the lost and help guide them to God's truths in hopes that they may become true children of God. (I Peter 2:9, Rev. 5:10) There is no more amazing mission in life than to be called to work for the King of kings and Lord of lords!


The difficult part is that we are living in a lukewarm time when people overall do not have a deep passion to seek and share God's full truths. Many people are more excited about various pleasures in life such as playing video games, watching sports, or texting than they are about serving the Creator of the universe! The Bible warns that these perilous times would come and that men would become lovers of money, pleasures, and of selfish ambitions instead of lovers of God (II Timothy 3:2-5). God desires for His small remnant of true believers to be "hot" and fully sold out to Him in reaching a lost world with the truth. We need to strive to be very zealous for God's truths in our day especially since most churches barely share any deep biblical teachings but mostly only share a few verses out of context that might convince people that salvation only more-less amounts to saying a quick prayer. The ministries of true servants of God will not be popular or well received like most of those that take place in buildings called churches. Instead, the Lord confirmed that we will overall be ignored or hated for sharing the truth in the same way that Jesus was hated. Be aware that true ministries of God will not be well received by men, but they are greatly honored by the Lord our God and that is what truly matters!


God has given us all some talents whether our talent is writing, public speaking, being musically talented, being creative and so forth. But God does not want us to waste away our talents on frivolous endeavors but to use our talents to honor Him. Nothing we do for the Lord will ever be in vain, even though most that we do to "get ahead" in the world tends to lean toward vanity as the book of Ecclesiastics teaches us.  


Our first duty and command from the Lord are to seek ways to share the Gospel so that people may know the message of salvation and become a true child of God. Having a social media ministry such as through Facebook or Twitter, or having a website are excellent ways to share the truth with the world. The most important thing is that you're sharing the full true biblical Gospel message and not some false gospel. The following Gospel message is biblically sound so please use it at every opportunity to help lead people to Christ  -  The TRUE Gospel 


The Lord also calls us to contend for the faith against false teachings. This will require a great deal of study of God's Word on your part and God does call us to "Study to show ourselves approved" (II Timothy 2:15).  We must be exceedingly careful before we teach since God will hold us to a higher accountability so we must make sure that our studies are fully accurate before we share them. We definitely do not want to lead anyone astray.  


Above all, let us keep ourselves occupied until the Lord takes us home in giving encouragement to one another and in leading others to the wonderful truths of the Gospel. NOTHING in this life is more fulfilling or rewarding than to surrender ourselves to working wholeheartedly for the Lord! DO NOT GIVE UP even when it seems that no one is listening or cares. GOD is listening to you and HE knows ALL that you do to serve Him and to seek to reach this lost world! He sees every prayer that you pray in a secret place and He knows how hard you work to do His will. One day He will tell His faithful servants "Well done My good and faithful servant" and He will crown us and we will rule and reign with Him forevermore! There will be nothing to compare to this wondrous time when we will be forever with the Lord!


God bless you and please feel free to share anything from this website as you minister to reach a world in dire need of the truth!  


Message by F. A. Butler

Keep shining bright in this dark world!

SeriousForTruth Ministry